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Author Topic: HelloHun  (Read 3172 times)

8 review(s) for HelloHun_Christina (7 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Bengeo13

OK, you asked for it!
In an attempt not to be placed into the wanker group i.e. hundreds of posts and no reviews here’s what I have to say about my most recent punt last week with HelloHun aka Christina.
First of all, a little background to my exploits. I’m in my late 50’s and an experienced punter, probably about 100 occasions now, and have met many of the most popular girls across the region and generally agree with the reviews about them. I have favourites as you would expect, and maybe a couple of personal selections that float my boat, as they say.
I’m a little wary of this forum to be honest – it can be quite sharp and cutting to contributors at times, but in the main I support the aim of providing a vehicle for discussion which is over and above the normal “she was fantastic” type of agency feedback. The forum is also damning in its treatment of fake reviewers and others playing games with us, although I must confess I’m often caught out myself by some of the submissions. I’m hopeful I won’t attract too much chin scratching.
As they apply to all of us, my preferences are unique to me. It can really depend on the mood I’m in, and perhaps it’s age-related but I’m not as shag orientated as some of the forum members. I make my choices carefully (or try to) and can depend on my needs and desires, from young to mature girl, from affection to a good shafting. I don’t go for anal services, or rimming or suchlike, I’m in fact very lazy – I like to be submissive, but that’s not always possible.
My choice of HelloHun was a quick trouser twitch – I fancied the look of her, and although expensive (I went for 30 minutes as usual for a first meeting) her positive feedback was too much to ignore. Her pictures intrigued me too – surely she couldn’t really look like that!! Well she does, well almost! It’s definitely her that’s for sure, but there has been photoshop stuff done but a very attractive lady nonetheless.
Our comms had been via aw email, which replied automatically with a set message but the actual response was soon afterwards and we exchanged texts after that to get me to a new location (for me anyway) at the bottom of Walker, nearly the Quayside to be more accurate. Directions very easy near to the flats she was using and no problem with communal door. Parking was not a problem and I wasn’t concerned about leaving the car there.   
At the flat door she opened it into a clean and tidy apartment and hid behind the door before closing it behind me to reveal herself in a blue, very short, tight fitting floral print dress (I think). I say I think because it wasn’t on long before she has standing in black, very sexy underwear + hold-ups. It was time for her to undress me with some urgency (somewhere along the way I must have sorted out the paperwork). On the bed was next with kissing but not DFK, and then she offered oral with or without – I picked the latter, and she was about right for me, not too firm and plenty effort. She then moved on top and put in a decent shift there as well. Smooth skin and grabable ass. And that was that! And that was fine for me. Very good time indeed and glad I saw her, and would do so again if and when she returns, well maybe not. Someone else will be tempting me by then
Oh, nearly forgot - she’s Romanian of course, but not a problem at all with language, attention, kissing or attitude, but I haven’t always had bad experiences with EE girls, unless it was my time with Megan. Hells Bells! For HelloHun I go for 7/10 which aint bad for me – no-one ever gets a 10 – there’s always something.

Offline yorkshire123


Just to keep you out of the wanker group  :hi:
Banning reason: Making false malicious allegations against admin

8 review(s) found for HelloHun_Christina linked to in above post (7 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

8 review(s) found for HelloHun_Christina linked to in above post (7 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline portable

Good review. She had caught my eye too, but the slightly dubious photshop pics and additional charges on the already high price definitely put me off. At least she's genuine, but still. No DFK for that price? No thanks.

Good review. I hope you post more, I really enjoyed reading that.

Which bits have been photoshopped? e.g. face, figure?

Regarding "if and when she returns", is she leaving Newcastle imminently?

Offline Toshiba

Shes  on /was from diamonds i think

Offline Bengeo13

Thanks Prof, and others, for your kind comments about my review.
It's mainly her face that's been photoshopped but not much - she naturally looks young as it happens.
To really knitpick, once they were released her breasts were not as pronounced but again no complaints
She is here for another 2 weeks, then to Birmingham, then to London where she lives, and then off to Manchester where she does most of her work. A busy young lady then.
Oh, and she loves Newcastle (of course), and intends to return.
Another comment would be her confidence, she's most certainly got it in abundance, but not overbearing at all.

Offline DaveMugabe

Thanks bengeo, great review.

She does look good.

I came across this review because I wanted to see some quality feedback on Hellohun because she is returning to Birmingham for a week or two and yours has provided plenty of information, thank you.

I'm still in two minds to be honest, part of me wants to see her due to her limited time in Birmingham and her positive reviews, but despite all of this my gut feeling is telling me no...having said that, the number of times I've been pleasantly surprised, I might just take the dive... 

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