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Author Topic: Anna XX cambridge  (Read 1206 times)

Offline The happy one


Met with Anna last night. Was a pain to arrange as she has a normal job and escorts around it

Was at the holiday inn hotel whittlesford and for 2 hours

She was on time

Smelling fresh and her red hair was amazing. Was the reason I booked. Always wanted to do a ginger

She is a genuine 19 maybe 20 but no older

Turned up dressed discrete

Popped into the bathroom came out dressed as the schoolie slut I asked for

Tall with a very pretty face about a size 12

Started with loads of kissing and feeling up ( groping)

She got the old man out and then proceeded to get him hard I sat on the edge on the bed and watched as she then deep throated me

Stood up held her head and preceded to face fuck her came over her face

Rest for me oral for her

Got wet really fucking wet

On with the mac

And she fucked me just about every which way

Blew my load in doggy while gently fingering her arse and watching my cock pull her pussy in vand out

Round three again mac'd up sex mostly reverse doggy then off and oral licking my balls blew what was left. Well dribbled onto her tongue and face again

I am just above average I have been told around 7.1/2 so to watch it vanish down the back of her throat was a treat

Her twat is tight
She seems to enjoy herself
A little shy to begin but a slut when warmed up
Brought a couple of changes to keep me up

All in all a little expensive but done everything we agreed with a smile and willingness that made it worth while

Could do with loosing a pound or two

But still has a great young tight body

Small tits a maybe at a push b cup

https://www.adultwork.com/2019701 or https://www.adultwork.com/++ANNA+XX
Banning reason: Suspected pimp involved in organizing parties

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