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Author Topic: punted aside  (Read 1255 times)


Just thought I'd get a little rant off my chest, I saw this lass was up in Inverness last week and being a bit of a boob man I'd give her a shot.  So on thursday night I gave her a text asking on the off chance as her profile on AW and ES states she only works a 10am-10pm to see if she was available.  She replied more or less immediately saying she had been flat out all day and was finished for the day, no great shakes I suppose.    So the next morning at around 730am I made an incall booking through AW which she confirmed 20mins later.  I set off from my home which is an hours drive from Inverness and sent her a text at 9am asking for her postcode for the incall, no reply.  I arrived in Inverness at 950 ish and sent another text, no reply.   I made 4 phone calls at 10, 10:10, 10:15 and 10:20 no answer :/ I hung around Inverness for another 40 mins then I receive a text at 11:05 giving me the postcode. I asked for the address and I was told she has a client coming and 12 oclock is OK for me to come round?!  Pissed off I said given that I had booked for 1030am it was not OK.   When I had got home at 1230 I left negative feedback on her profile, more or less immediately I received a text from her apologising as she thought the booking was for 10:30 pm??  Now her profiles on ES AND AW state she only works 10am-10pm and AW bookings are in 24hr format so how she got the impression the booking was for 1030pm beggars belief!!   I even stated this to her, she said she was confused as her phone has been so busy(funny that given she never replied nor returned my calls) and offered me a discount.   I said I could manage a 3pm booking and was told that she was booked up till 630pm.  By this point I just gave up trying  :thumbsdown:

What is the point in booking only to blow out your clients for the next phone call, then expect them to wait on you hand on foot whilst she is with some punter in the timespot they had booked?  Seems to have decent feedback but looking back she seems to have form for bailing for the nearest available client, one I will be definitely avoiding in future!!

Offline jambogaz

Has the hard neck to whinge about time wasters in her blog too, a bit rich judging by your experience, sure she wasted more of yours than anyone!

Offline Taggart

I had one, a timewasting WG, some weeks back and whinged on here, but some blamed me for not checking on the day, even though she said roll up. She was most definitely at home, as 45 mins later deleted all my messages and blocked me. Bitch!

Offline JB1969

I just do not understand why anyone would stick around to still see her, she fucked up period.  It would be adios bitchado for me big tits or not big tits.
Banning reason: Accused and highly suspected of being "DeliciousMsDee" prossie posing as punter

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