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Author Topic: Diamonds, Nikki...has anybody seen her?  (Read 2064 times)

Offline carl.s

Thinking about booking but would just like to see if i get any more feedback on the girl.

Offline Toshiba

No pics so you are gonna have to go pot luck

Gamble, but she sounds fit, i wouldnt risk my hard earned tbh

Offline carl.s

same here buddy, am tempted mainly to the fact shes Asian, and theres not a good selection of Asian WG in newcastle atm. 

Offline Manii

Nikki is fantastic! I have seen her 3 times.

Nikki is fantastic! I have seen her 3 times.

Care to elaborate on that fella.

 I'm very tempted by her  as other posters have said the North East is a bit threadbare when it comes to decent Asians, especially a Vietnamese lass. It'd take me back to my merchant navy days. 'Hey big man, me love you long, long time, sucky fucky for a $. GOOD TIMES' :P

Nice :)
Looks good - some great choice in the NE right now :thumbsup:

Offline denyason

Nikki is fantastic! I have seen her 3 times.
we would appreciate some reviews to be honest...........some of us go out of our way to do reviews for all to share and read on this forum as the review benefit the readers......some seem a bit selfish or lazy and just want to fuck.  its called give and take and feedback which helps others especially new girls.

Offline Toshiba

Bump.......anyone been here recently ive read the review and im almost convinced?

Any more info?

Offline highfive

Saw the other day and she was not good, she clearly didn't want to be there and I had to prompt her to do everything.  Apparently she had a cold but that's not my problem.

Offline baldynut

I saw Nikki 3 maybe 4 weeks ago, very attractive facially, imo . she's a law student apparently. She's a lovely girl, doesnt do Anal, but does OWO, no CIM though. Was eager to please but needed a bit direction. All in all I would recommend her. ( I know I should of reviewed her)

Offline fatlun

Saw Nikki when she first started, I got attracted because she is Asian and size 10, but got disappointed when I met her. She is No beauty and looks like a size 12 with No curves. Service is only average, not recommended.

Offline Toshiba

Guys im not one to preach to punters

But do a review, it really helps other punters when seaching for info

Even the smallest review helps lads  :thumbsup:

Offline dino1990

average punt for me. Sex was just okay, her OWO was great but she kept on stopping and starting for chat. Would go see her again if there was no other options.

Offline quickbeam

Aaaand she's gone.
Damnit, was planning to go see her next week

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