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Author Topic: Mature and busty  (Read 2615 times)

Offline Boobman

Any suggestions for a busty mature woman in the Birmingham area guys ?

Offline Stapler


Still looking!

....and P!  ;)
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Offline Boobman

Yea still looking  ;)
You know my tastes  ;)

Online ianp1976

Try wife2fuck on adultwork, can't post link from phone but shouldn't be hard to find.

Offline fredhiggins

Lisa32ff touring Bham soon
see adultwork

3 review(s) found for Melwiththemelons linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline ianjpoole

I can vouch for this escort, have been to visit her three times and each time was as good as the previous time

Anyone into their BBW escorts, she is well worth the punt

Offline sparktj

Agree with the recommendation for Wife2fuck - she's one of the filthiest, most submissive women I've seen.  A lovely fuck and very obliging.

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