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Author Topic: NAUGHTY-KATIE Birmingham  (Read 3337 times)

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Offline curry


This one gets a negative from me I am afraid.

Started off with great comms on text all very smooth and prompt. I asked her specifically twice if she did owo cim and A. Yes she responded. So I books half hour.

The apartment is in a very nice and quite area of Birmingham just by the Edgbaston reservoir inside is very clean and presentable.

Arrives on time nice, clean and showered, paperwork out the way and hopefully the fun will begin.

She is very much like the pictures on the profile however the B&W picture is not her she is slightly bigger and taller than that girl. She is without doubt very good looking with a fit toned body and immaculate skin. Talks a lot and yes she is not a brummie gave me the I only work one day a month story and I am from London blah blah blah.

She starts of with a little massage at my request, then she goes down for a bit and I mean a very little bit owo. She is constantly wiping her lips with some wet wipes and throwing them in the carrier bags she has hanging of the handle of the wardrobe, no real bin here ?!. Twice within 5 minutes she is asking me to fuck her I tell her to relax as I would like owo a bit longer.

Then the excuses begin, oh I don’t do deep throat it’s to dangerous, I can’t do CIM because it’s to risky. Now I am getting a little bit disappointed, however give her the benefit of the doubt. She is insistent that I fuck her, so on with the rubber and then it gets worse, oh the bed is broken can we do it standing up against the wall. WTF she is like nearly 6 feet tall. After a bit of persuasion I get her to stay on the bed. So missionary it is and she is now holding my cock with the pretext that she does not want the condom to come off. Funny as this is the second girl to do this in as many days nearly. Ok so I says lets try some anal, oh that’s extra and its 30 for a half hour booking. I am now very disappointed and I shoot my load and leave. I suspect she was sponging and the reason she was holding it was so that it didn’t go to deep and get disturb something.

This is one girl who talks the talk a lot all the time (she wasn’t wiping her lips with a wet wipe, which she did a lot off) she was giving it the porn star talk. I felt very rushed and was out of there in under 15 mins.

She is a fast talking cockney service leaves a lot to be desired.
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3 review(s) found for NAUGHTY-KATIE linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline bigjim

ouch, tanks for the heads up and i will defo not be using that one


bloody hell i was looking forward to meeting her later this week  :(

Offline sanjman

I saw naughty Katie a few weeks ago and had a similar experience. She's decent enough looking but experience was too rushed, with too much fake dirty talk. Made excuses not to provide cim (dental issues!) and didn't allow any fingering. Fk was none existent too.

Beginning to think the problem lies with me as too many similar experiences recently!

Thanks for the report OP, one to definitely cross off the list !

Roland D Hay

A shame she's shit cos she has a great arse!

Yikes im booked in for this one next week / :

Offline James999

If she only works one day a month  :lol: surely she would have plenty of time to get the bed fixed.

Her profile states she is packing up in three weeks so she will have no interest in giving a good service to attract regulars / returning clients  :thumbsdown:

Hit the nail on the head there

Offline PolishGirlLover

I have seen this girl before too and I didn't like the experience. I felt she was not as hot as I expected and that she probably wore extensions in her profile pictures. My face must have showed my disappointment as she said "I'm much hotter than this." Bear in mind this meet happened last year but I remember it well and hearing your description brings back my experience clearly. I concur that she did say "f*ck me" pornstar style a lot which was off putting. Needless to say I disliked the overall time and had no plans on returning.

(P.S This is my first post here I found the site this morning I don't know if I plan on staying but seeing as Ive used AW for a while now I feel obligated to leave my experiences here for others.)

Ha yeah the worst extensions I've seen. I'm sure it says on here some where that she works in a hair salon. She must be as bad at that as she is at being a prostitute.
I mean how hard can it be to open ya legs

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