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Author Topic: Classy Doris @ Wimbledon  (Read 3670 times)

1 review(s) for dodi45love (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Ludwig]

Had this lady on my hit list for a while now and thursday decided to make a visit for today. Telephoned and made arrangements for today, all good so far, sent text requesting how i would like her to dress ie like sexy secretary with white underwear and short skirt.
So i arrive to be greeted by another girl who asked if it was her or Doris i had come to see, was let in and waiting 5 mins until Doris appeared and took me upstairs. She was not wearing as quested and when i asked why she replied in Hungarian.She has limited english and did not understand my request!
So we do the paperwork and then get down to business, she kept avoiding beening kissed and why i asked why she said that she does kiss but only quick pecks? Now  i always use mouth wash and have shower before visit so t wasnt down to the fact i was no clean!
Anyway down to business and i went down on her, nice pussy but not much response from her despite changing tack several times, tried licking her from behind but still no response just the same little noises. So after 10 mins of oral with her i decided to see if i could get any better responose via her lovely tits and nipples but still the same little noises. I dont know if maybe she was worried as next door there where builders inthe garden working on the next house.
So on with condom and we tried cowgirl which was ok she seemed to me not that interested so i decided to try doggy , i little better but same little noises!!!!!!!! i asked about fucking her ass and she quickly replied that will be another£30 so more paperwork but when it came to try to get in to her she kept moving and saying i was to big!!!! By this time i was getting a little fed up so we gave up on the anal and she gave me a blowjob, a poor one too. Oh ya was told not to cim . Anyway ended up with hand job while i licked her pussy in a 69. So after 40 mins she decides she has had enough and to be honest so had i . I dressed and made exit.
I see her feedback is very low and am not surprised, all in all a disappointment but hey someone else might enjoy her company. For me i will stick with Stacy who unfortunately was away this weekend but returns at end of month. :rolleyes:

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Im really not surprised to see such a poor review from her.

Thanks for the heads up

Offline jDguy

Im really not surprised to see such a poor review from her.

Thanks for the heads up

a nice body for shagging even she is 46yrs old milf but her poor services a big no for me.  :bomb:

Does she work on the same flat where you saw Lily https://www.adultwork.com/1892225

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Not at the time when I saw lily as I asked her the name of the other girl working there and she mentioned another womans name.

The young lady who answered the door was Sweet Magi, she is from Bulgaria looking at her profile. Not sure about Lily , as there are only 2 bedrooms i guess they go back home on regular basis as Doris said she was doing at end of May.

Had an eye on Doris but the fb doesn't seem encouraging. Thanks for the heads up  :hi:

How did Magi look in the flesh?

very nice  :wackogirl: dont like to give bad reports but i feel in this case it was neccesary with Doris, like i say had her on my list for ages and her photos look great especially the one posted on here but in real life it was waste of time and money

Might give Magi a try if I get the time, she does look nice.

Offline akauya

Thanks for that review sirlargerone, but why mark that one as neutral? To me it sounds a definite negative. On top of the terrible service you had to fork out extra £30 for anal that you never got?

Definitely negative mate.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up and sorry you had a crap punt  :hi:

 maybe i should have given a negative Akauya but i have had worse punts, she looks great to be fair just didn't live up to expectations. Roll on next punt  :D

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It seems like the last of the decent hungarians have upped sticks and crossed the thames!


Offline adders

Sweet Magi is great, looks better than her pics imo

^ Have you punted with Magi? If so, tell us about it!  ;)

Offline kriss_de_valnor

I went to see Classy Doris about 2 months ago. Nice house in Wimbledon.
She is this type of MILF i love, however sex wasn't so great. At that time she didn't speak english so we couldn't even have a basic chat...

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