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Author Topic: Is Tops Massage in Bristol closed?  (Read 1836 times)

Offline kitkat

Any idea if Tops massage is closed in Bristol?

Offline Silverado

I don't know for sure. I suspect though that it probably is.


"A FAMILY-RUN brothel continued to sell sex even after receiving several warnings, a court heard. Boss Pauline Williams employed her daughter Claire and son James to help run the Tops establishment in Chapel Street, St Philips.

Bristol Crown Court heard though police warned them some six times and they signed forms not to offer sexual services, undercover police gained evidence to the contrary.

One "test purchase officer" was introduced to a Romanian woman called Sonia who took her clothes off and told him: "Some girls sleep around for nothing. I do it for money."

Pauline Williams, 54, of Langton Court Road, St Anne's; her daughter Claire Williams, 35, of Speedwell Road, and son James Williams, 30, of Langton Court Road, St Anne's, pleaded guilty to assisting in the management of a brothel from 2009 to 2012.

Judge Julian Lambert handed Pauline 12 months' jail, suspended for two years, with 240 hours' unpaid work and a six-month curfew.

He gave Claire a six-month term, suspended for two years, with 180 hours' unpaid work and a four-month curfew.

The judge gave James a four-month term, suspended for two years, with 150 hours' unpaid work and a three-month curfew.

The judge told them: "If you consider having anything to do with the management of a brothel in future each one of you caught will be sent down straight away. Your involvement in the immoral trade ceases now, and it ceases for good."

Ian Dixey, prosecuting, said police visited Tops and, on six occasions, it was mainly Pauline Williams who signed a form which warned that operating a brothel was unlawful.

Mr Dixey said a covert police investigation established there were fixed prices for various sexual services.

On numerous occasions undercover police either phoned or visited the premises and were offered a choice of women for sex, the court heard.

In March 2012 police executed a search warrant and found Claire Williams on reception, women dressed in underwear and a customer who told them he had paid for sex there three times.

Mr Dixey said: "Claire Williams was arrested and Pauline Williams appeared in a car.

"She ran towards them, shouting: 'What are you doing here? I provide a service here, you should be thanking me'."

Police found sex workers were provided with bedding, tea, coffee and a microwave oven.

It transpired Claire Williams worked mornings on reception, Pauline Williams worked afternoons on reception and James Williams attended around 7pm to provide security.

Mr Dixey said: "Pauline Williams supplied baby oil, talc and condoms."

Magazine advertisements for the establishment were paid for in cash and continued after the raid, the court heard.

Nicholas Arthur, defending Pauline Williams, said his now unemployed client was a carer for husband, though she was separated from him.

He said: "She has plans for a modest, legitimate business."


Offline ddrew

I have been there a quite a few times, most recently I went there 3 weeks ago and it was still open. Looks like a derelict dump from the outside, the girls are a bit hit and miss, having said that I have had at least one outstanding punt there. At only 40 quid give the rattlely stairs a go

Offline tommyw66

Anyone know why Tops was singled out rather than, say, Central Massage or Adam & Eve's? They all seem to be up to pretty much the same game. If the police moved in to shut down Tops can we expect them to do the same to other parlours?

Offline JV547845

I'd bet local residents complained.  It's all politics.

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