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Author Topic: Kim - Nuru - Paddington  (Read 5056 times)

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After last months discussion on massages I wanted to try a Nuru massage. I did get a PM recommending someone and decided that  I would try her out. So when I was planning this fridays activities it was between Kim and Michelle independent. Michelle told me sge wasn't working on Friday so I contacted Kim.
Kim answered and after a brief discussion we agreed time date price and that it was a Nuru massage. She told me that she would text me on the day at 9am to confirm I was still coming.
On the day no text.I may have misunderstood so left it until 0930 when I texted her to confirm. She texted back quickly and I again had to confirm the service and also the length of time and also the price. She gave me the address and told me to text when I get there. Off I went, I arrived a little early but after a short wait went up to her flat. Take the lift if you go as I was out of breath by the time I got to the 4th floor.
Door opens and its definately her from the pictures. She is very petite 5'2 or there abouts. Pretty girl, nice smile, slim, small to medium pert boobs. She was wearing a fishnet dress with black knickers. We confirm again that its nuru and I hand over the dosh.
She disappears for a couple of minutes and I can hear her microwaving what I assume was the gel. Think there was another girl in the flat as I heard what sounded like a quiet conversation. She had told me to strip and when she came in I had my boxers still on. It made me smile when she told me to take off my panties!
That said it was her only mistake her English is excellent and I had a very enjoyable chat with her during the massage. She stripped off then the massage got started. Hot/warm gel onto my back which she proceeded to use as her hands lightly went over my back and other areas. This including moving her nails gently over my backside. After a while she got astride my back and proceeded to use her body and boobs to rub the gel in. Very nice especially with her breathing very gently in my ear.
She then got me to turn over up to this point I had been enjoying it but then her phone got a message. She did apologise but then proceeded to reply to the text. This was not so good so I mentally moved my rating to neutral with a potential negative. I knew I would struggle now as little me had decided to do his best impression of being worlds smallest. She asked me if I wanted hand job or ow. I never feel anything on OW and girls tend to not do a very good hj. But I went with a hj, glad I did it was excellent and despite my years of practice better than I would have done. Only Madlin moon has been as good. After that she cleaned us up then we had a joint shower with her giving me a nice clean all over.

Generally good coms always answered me quickly.
Slim petite girl
English excellent with an eastern european accent
Professional massage, she knew what she was doing
Great hand job

Having to repeat what I was after several times
Answering text in the middle of the session

Overall she did an excellent job and probably didnt realise its never good to answer texts in the middle of the session. If her hj wasnt as good and if she hadnt joined me in the shower it would have been a neutral. But she did seem to care about how it was going checking with me to see that I had enjoyed it. Which is nice. Yes I will return I think for the tantric next time. I will add the link in a moment if I can work out how to do it on this mobile. Oh and excuse the grammer etc... difficult to see mistakes on this phone

Hmm think I might have written too much. Sorry just a bit difficult to judge on my phone sometimes.

Offline Megazord

Hi thanks for the review! Do you have the link to her profile?

Offline vorian

Hmm think I might have written too much. Sorry just a bit difficult to judge on my phone sometimes.

It's a top review,  more information the better imho.
Banning reason: Two faced - Slagging off UKP and it's membership using fake account

Online fredpunter

Can we ask how much she charged and how long you were there? Can't find her prices on her site. Thanks

Can we ask how much she charged and how long you were there? Can't find her prices on her site. Thanks

this link gives prices


Go to services, pick which service your after and its at the bottom. For what its worth I went for the NURU, 1 hour which is £150.

If that's the girl in the photos, I'm Elvis Presley.

I got to the flat at five minute to the hour,  The girl in the flat was an extremely (skinny) petite girl, A or B cups, with blonde hair (and brown roots) She got me a drink as I was out of breath. I asked if the photos were of her and she assured me they were. She said she was Romanian. I should have walked, not because she's Romanian, but because she looks nothing like the photos. but . . . .

 I had a brief shower, she started the massage. The massage ( B2B ) was unremarkable, No touching of her down below. B2B back and front, then a reasonable,  oily HJ. she cleaned me up, I got dressed and left. Looked at my phone for the time  . . . 19 minutes past. Hmmm

That's not worth £80.  Still, you live and learn, Eh.

Maybe you saw the other girl in the flat then, cos the one I saw was the one in the pictures. I always check the picture before I go in so I can walk if its not them and I was in no doubt. If it wasn't the girl then you should have walked.

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