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Author Topic: Anyone seen her?  (Read 598 times)


Anyone seen this girl at Wembley? If so, how's her face and services?

https://www.adultwork.com/1772316 or https://www.adultwork.com/The+best+MILF+for+u


This 'anyone seen her' girl has been quite popular recently. I've seen numerous threads about this 'anyone seen her' girl.

I'll answer yes.

Offline Steve2

Yes for me too

I saw her about 18 months ago. Great service. Not the prettiest picture in the pack. Just think MILF next door

Cheers for the replies.

Steve or any other person who seen her..  if you don't mind I've got a few questions about this girl.

Does she allow fingers in her pussy?
How's her English? Can't stand wg that have limited English puts me off :/
How discreet is the location?
Out of 10 how what does she get?

Thanks again! Have a good Friday guys

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