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Author Topic: Hot Amanda 28 - Arsenal  (Read 2898 times)

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Offline Packer

I had hoped to see Sasha Hotty for my second visit one day last week, but as usual, she had moved to another location. Can't remember where it was, but Canary Wharf, where I saw her last, it certainly wasn't.

So searching AW I found Hot Amanda 28, when she was in the Arsenal area.  Limited reviews, but the few pics of her suggested a good looking Polish blonde.  I'm a sucker for that. I think its a flat used by others too, but not sure who, and didn't bother asking as was just too keen to give Amanda a good seeing to.

I arranged this punt about 1.5 hours before the agreed start time. Encountered traffic en route, and kept her updated.  She was good at responding.  I was about 15 mins late in the end. 

The entrance is not really discreet. It is via a gate set back from the pavement, on a residential road. Its almost like a wide alley that you have to walk through to get to the gate.  When I got to the gate and buzzed, she tried to let me in.  It didn't work. So I stood there looking like a fool and called her a couple of times.  It finally worked a minute or two later.

Right next to the gate was another door to another flat, anyone could have come out at that time.  And opposite the alley on the other side of the road, a chap standing in his front garden had his eyes fixed on me while I was trying to get in.  So, not a great start to this punt! Discrete? Nah.  :thumbsdown:

I was greeted at the door by a very sexy polish girl, quite tall but with a naughty vixen look. She had a nice smile, and great tanned skin.  Probably size 10 I would say, smallish tits.  I was led into a very spacious two storey house, and into one of the ground floor rooms.  It was pretty bare, very large and very clean.  She had music on quite loud. I asked for a shower, and so she got me a towel and told me to go up the spiral staircase in the hallway.  On the first floor, I saw another door to a room above my punting room, and could hear a chap talking behind it.  The bathroom was clean and well kept.

After washing my meat and two veg, back downstairs and we exchanged some small talk. I went to kiss her. FK as opposed to DFK, but she then pecked down my body and got to my cock.  Decent OWO, enthusiastically performed.  I was enjoying this. I felt like I was going to cum far too soon, so I made her stop and went down on her. I must have been there for a good 10 mins, and there is no doubt, here's a girl that enjoys getting a dose of cunnilingus.  She got rather wet.

Back to OWO, and I had to pump her. I didn't last long.  Some good chat followed. 

She used to work only in Slough, but now has some days in the Arsenal flat too. I asked if she could consider somewhere else as the entrance was far from discreet.  She told me that was her first day in that flat, and she was likely to be moving elsewhere.  Looks like that has happened as her profile states that she's in Edgware Road now. Shame, as thats further away from me. 

On to round 2, which she started with some more good OWO.  A few minutes of that and I was ready to get into her again. This time we were at it in all positions for a good 10-15 minutes.  This woman really enjoys getting it, and she encouraged me a few times with "fuck me harder" and the like. Who was I to decline?  I got quite sweaty , but this second time, the bed was creaking VERY loudly, which put us both off.  But she said "don't worry, no-one can hear us".  In fact, the house is set back from the street, so was not linked to other residences.  Yes we could make as much noise as we wanted. Despite trying very hard, I just couldn't pop the second time.  All too frequently this seems to be happening these days. Stupid dick.  :dash:

This punt was excellent in almost all respects.  She's an intelligent and personable lady, and I was lucky in that we just happened to click on a sexual level.

The only downsides were the lack of discretion at the entrance, and the lack of discretion upstairs, but I guess the girl upstairs would have checked the hall before her client came out. Amanda plays music during the punt, and it was a little too loud, but thats just nit picking.

Another superb Polish girl. I just cannot get enough of the Polish pussy.....I was tempted not to share this one, but wtf, I owe you gents loads for so many of my recent decent punts.

Enjoy gents, if you choose to see her. I am certain you will.


PS Her pics last week didn't show the face. They do now. What do you think?

2 review(s) found for samantha30 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)


Thanks for the review - I think I went to see petite Sam there a few months ago? remember the gate and spiral staircase.

Can you confirm if she does do DFK and /or allows a finger or two in her pussy?

She does look hot maybe late 20's early 30's/ and her face looks pretty

Offline Packer

We didn't DFK, but the FK was very good.  I reckon she probably would do DFK.

About fingering, my memory is shite, but I'm sure I put one in, not that deep. No complaints from her.

I would say the 29 she quotes is probably right - the quality of service to me would be appropriate for someone of that age  :)

I might go and see her again next week, instead of Lily Apron.

Offline JamesKW

Ive been here before,seems like the girls change around quite a bit, they have also gone up it was only 6 months ago they were £80 an hour.


Thats the same problem - they get decent reviews from us here at UKP, become popular and all of a sudden they go from £80 to £100.

Simple case of supply and demand!!!

Thats the same problem - they get decent reviews from us here at UKP, become popular and all of a sudden they go from £80 to £100.

Simple case of supply and demand!!!

In fairness Amanda was £100 p/h even when she was based in Slough. I'm not aware of her rate having been less than that for some time.

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