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Author Topic: Student Whores?  (Read 41283 times)

There was a place in Norwich around 5-6 years ago that had a regular turn over of students from UEA which worked from a house alternating days. Had some fantastic punts there, with some doing facials, CIM/ over body for a tenner as they were short of cash. Several were very attractive also and intelligent adding something special to the session!

Alas the place send to be the same girls with a very limited service. Wish I could add Norwich to the hotlist again!

Offline Gordo987

A few of us on here like to do some digging and suffice to say none of the girls we have seen who claim to be students go to any of the top universities. Not saying there are none, but they will be few and far between.

Plenty of girls were escorting and lapdancing who went to Nottingham Trent university so much so they had to send a memo out according to friends who went there advising of the consequences.

But of course, things have become a bit less authoritarian since queen Victoria passed away. Where do you get this stuff from?  :wacko:
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Offline Marmalade

Edinburgh is a "top" University. And one prossie used to offer incalls at the Halls of Residence on the odd occasion until she nearly got caught out.

But the only thing most AW 'students' are studying is how to lie on their profiles.

Are there any establishments of further education anywhere in the world that cater for working girls? :wackogirl:

I don't think most finishing schools have anything to do with a happy ending.

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Offline tazz

I saw a British posh Greek/Cypriot 19 year old student in August whose no longer working was was great. What suprised me was that her parents are very rich, sent her to a boarding school and she lives with them. Im sure they gave her a nice allowance as she wouldnt spend anything less than £500 on shoes. Just think she didnt want to do a poorly paid job over the summer, and loved sex.

Offline Sonny Crockett

I don't think I ever saw an escort who was a student when I was punting.... Ever!!

And I wouldn't really want to know what the lady did outside of escorting anyway.... Not something that concerns me!!
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Offline bokkaboy

Sweet student Naomi last Spring was a genuine student. I did some of her homework for her.
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Offline Qwerty

Have def punted some bonafide students. Some of them I have believed when they told me, though I know that's not good enough for some on here. But have even picked one up for a car meet as she came out of her college... and an in-call with another was in a room full of books on her post-grad subject...
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Last year I had to plan my punts around travel and appointments, Had to be in Coventry so did a search and found a nice Polish girl, £80 for half hour was most I'd ever paid! Meet took place in her campus room, She was 19/20 years old big firm tits and tightest pussy I've known! Having said that she just lay back and thought of England!! No oral FK DFK or fingering!! No longer on AW though!

Offline Megazord


Supposedly a part time student and looks really fit. Price is really steep though

Offline davidgood

Violet, who has been mentioned on other threads is a student in London;-

https://www.adultwork.com/3250599 or https://www.adultwork.com/Parma+Violet



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