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Author Topic: Recommendations please!  (Read 499 times)

Offline SaneOnes

Hi guys, work is taking me to East Midlands this Thursday, I'll be based in Leicester untill next Monday but I'm happy to move around for suitable punts as I'm planning to see at least two ladies.

I was wondering if there were a few in the area who are must-see? Or maybe the ONE that everyone's got to see before going back to the mundaneness. My budget is between £100 p/h and £160 p/h but could stretch up to £200 for that ONE who you may all vote favourably for. Otherwise, I'll be seeing two of these three ladies of whom I've posted links down below. Any feedback on these three ladies would be much appreciated. The "biggest" I'm willing to go for is a size 14 if she looks presentable enough.





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