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Author Topic: sweet _lilly  (Read 641 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2311668 or https://www.adultwork.com/sweet+%5Flilly

I saw lilly last week, she works in a small clean flat in Angel area, very easy to find and close to all public transport.

I originally wanted to meet at 12:00 midday but she said she could only do 30 mins as she already had another booking at 12:30 for 1 hour. I told her that I wanted 1 hour aswell so she offered to do 13:30 and I was like WTF dont you leave any break between punters. That immediately put me off a bit as I dont want to be part of a conveyor belt service.

After the phone call, she did not text me the address so after 2 hours I had to text her to remind her to send me it. More points deducted  :thumbsdown:

Anyway, we settled on 14:00 during the phonecall. I arrived on time and upon confirming I was at the street she texted the door number and came down to meet me. There was none of the bullshit being asked to wait around outside.

First impression where not that great, she does look exactly like her pictures but she is quite a bit bigger than her pictures suggest, again this put me off slightly.

So anyway, up to the room, where we got the paperwork out of the way and I was offered a shower ( declined, I had one just before I left home ) and a drink ( accepted,  water ) she then disappeared for awhile. I dont know WTF she was doing but she took a good 5 mins to come back. Seriously how long does it take to put the money away and pour a glass of water?

When she came back , she sat on the bed next to me and we began the little small talk warm up which I didnt care for as I was actually very horny and would of fucked anything at that point. She touched my leg a few times and did a few playful gestures while we chatted , tbh I thought her personality was very nice, but I wasn't there to be friends and wanted to get down to business and her question bombardment was getting irritating.

After some mins I leaned in to kiss her and she turned her head away and laughed ( probably caused by a bit of shyness ) but anyway, that didnt go down well. Usually at this point I have a semi-stiffy with the WG but with her I was still limp and retracted.  urgh

After a bit of kissing she got undressed and I lay on the bed while she rolled her massive tits over me while rubbing my cock with her hand. THATS better!. Now I was getting hard. I didnt have to say anything, she went straight down and gave me a bloody good bj. Probably one of the best ive had, I was almost tempted to just say "lets just do this for the 1 hour".

after about 10 mins or so she then stopped bj and climbed ontop, no lube was needed as she was naturally very wet, which I was very pleased with.

now here is the real reason for rating this review "neutral", as she was terrible ontop. which is actually my favorite position. slow, encumbered movements ensued although she was happy to stare into my eyes and smile ( again I liked this ). the problem was a combination of her being too big to be ontop comfortably combined with perhaps a bit of laziness.

After a few mins we switched to missionary and I just pounded her that way for about 20mins until I finished. After that we showered ( separately ) sat and talked a few more mins then finished up and I left.

Although I do prefer heavier girls It was at this point I realized I wont punt with fat girls ever again as I cant be arsed with a physically inactive service. I couldnt fault her attitude or personality though, she is very nice and does want to give a good service.

So in conclusion,

- average comms,
- easy to find clean safe location
- very friendly eager to please personality
- bit shy at first
- doesnt make you feel rushed.
- can talk a bit too much
- heavier than her pictures suggest
- face picture is 100% accurate
- gives amazing bj
- cowgirl position is likely to be a struggle

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Soz it wasn't great pal but she does look a bit of a porker in photos pretty face tho

Also lists bareback / unprotected sex.  :thumbsdown:

Offline punk

so you popped your cum in her pussy?

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