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Author Topic: Has any one punted with Annabelle22@Heathrow  (Read 1310 times)

Offline theblade

Anyone met this babe,nice tits,I love enhanced tits
How old is she?
Thanks guys

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Offline Stav096

Looks like she is leaving, so you may want to make your mind up.

There were some reviews, I think under another name; they were good enough for her to be on my HL for a while.

She's around the mid 30s mark, I saw her last year she is very pricey but well worth it, lovely face  and cracking body looks after herself attempts all services and always comes back to the heathrow area after a while

Offline swfinest

Hi, just wondered if anyone else has any info on Annabelle?

has anyone partaken in here extras? is she more gfe or pse?


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