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Author Topic: An Anna's Angel I've seen before but won't be seeing again.  (Read 591 times)

Offline NIK

In between seeing Ameila and Sally, detailed elsewhere, I saw Ingrid of Anna's Angels.
Now I've seen this girl four times before. Three times in a two girl and once on her own. I know she does dom service, and that's what I had. Indeed she did it very well and I enjoyed it at the time.

However I will never see her again for the following reasons.

When I saw her on her own previously she actually did GFE including nice kissing and was very sociable and friendly as she was during the two girl appointments, although they were more domination based.
This time she was very offhand and unsociable. As I say the service itself was very good, but before and after it was as if she didn't want me to be there. No drink was offered as I have had on the other occasions I've seen her. Now I don't go for a drink, but as I've said elsewhere it's always a good indicator.  Even a dominatrix should be sociable before and after the session when she is not in role.
She didn't seem to have made much effort to prepare - just wearing this top thing (which she didn't remove) and being naked from the waist down. She wore a dressing gown over it at the beginning and end.
During the session her mobile kept going off and she kept checking messages. When I gave her oral as part of the bodyworship she was totally unresponsive – a real contrast to both the girls I saw either side of this punt.
I came after exactly half an hour. At this point her phone rang again and she spoke in her language. She then asked me to excuse her for a couple of minutes as she had to take commission to someone at the door. She did return quite quickly but continued to be unsociable, answering everything I said with monosyllabic replies such as 'all right' and 'okay'.  Her English is excellent and when I've seen her before, particularly the time I saw her on her own, she was full of conversation and very sociable. I even reminded her of some of the things we'd spoken about before but that made little impression.
I recall the time I saw her on her own she remembered me and kissed me instantly. This time it couldn't have been more different. Whether she had just had a bad day or has got too big for her boots I don’t know, but she was like a different girl and I won’t be seeing her again. I know she seems more about dom these days. At one point I asked her if she did much GFE (it says she does on the site and she did with me last time). She replied very briefly, as she did to everything I said, that she didn’t, and from her expression it appeared she was now too grand for that.

I had previously seen her friend Mary in the same apartment. Again it was a dom service, but Mary was much more sociable and does kiss. Furthermore Mary’s room was excellent – a spacious living room and bedroom, whereas Ingrid’s was a small bedroom. When I’d seen her before she was in a totally different apartment, although in the same area. When I reminded her about this she didn’t seem very interested and just mumbled that she’d lived all over. she was equally unforthcoming when I asked about her other friend I've seen her with Sarah, who I would have seen instead had she not been away.  I got the impression Ingrid would have preferred  me to have posted the money through the letterbox and just fucked off without bothering her.

Okay the dom service itself was excellent and many clients would have left satisfied. Maybe for £100 or even £150 it would have been acceptable but for £200 I expect a much better attitude than this, and I left with 15 minutes to go.  :mad:

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Online Jimmyredcab

Oh Dear ---------------- £200 down the drain.
It is totally unacceptable for a girl to touch her mobile phone during a session ---- even to check messages.
Let this be a lesson to all the guys out there who truly believe that the more you pay the better service you will receive, I have never subscribed to that nonsense.   

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