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Author Topic: Booking a Punt / Escort for a 19 year old.  (Read 3528 times)

Offline Marmalade

His first punt went good he said although he left around 20mins early due to feeling shy but he had a decent time.

Obviously, the more punts you do the more confident you feel so he should feel confident in his second time.

Any other recommendations for Glasgow? (excluding Sammi).

Someone friendly for a first timer, and someone equally as hot!

yeah. I recommend your friend joins ukp.

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Hope and looking forward that the GCE or GEA site will update her profile photo.  :rolleyes:

She has left mate. Another top notch quality lass has bit the dust.  Shame  as she was one of the  best wgs. Out classed everyone I have saw with skill level alone. Added bonus she was stunning and friendly.  Wonder if she  will go indie. Doubt it.

Online Happyjose

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. Keep them flowing in.

Just a point to remember; this lad most likely won't end up doing anything 'extreme' - eg: OWO, fucking, etc.

It's his first time so I'm looking for someone who can go easy, and just offer some long sessions of french kissing passionately, and then maybe a lap dance or something before finishing with a hand job (with condom).

All these repeat questions, and now a duplicate thread. 

Just a thought - do you show your friend your enquiries on here as a smokescreen. is your friend blindfolded during these sessions? Is there even a prossie there at all. Do you have something to tell your friend, and share with the group?

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