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Author Topic: Sexxy Hot Maya  (Read 617 times)

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Offline KrenoB

Hey peeps.

https://www.adultwork.com/2393447 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexxy+hot+maya

It was a standard punt, nothing special. It wasn't disappointing either as i was looking for something just to hump.

Anyway, when i saw her she didn't do BB. It wasn't even on her profile so i assumed it was all safe.

 ( Even though i've known WG's to offer BB to punters with out even extra pay to attempt to keep them coming back. Not cool.)

So, the punt!


She replied right away, ( It wasn't her replying, after the punt she told me it was her sister who was doing all the talking/texting)
Gave me the road name, told me to call when on the road or within 5 minutes to the location, did so and she gave me the door number. Simples. No problems what so ever!


It's a house with tennants. How many? i can't say. Familys and all.
I assume it was her room where she sleeps is where we did our business.
I did her see her sister ( apparently its her sister ) and i assume it was the sisters other half and there child on the way to the room.
For some people that is not cool but hell i don't care cause all i'm thinking about is playing with those tits!

The Deed!

She welcomes you in with smiles, happy and energetic! I went to her room, gave her the money, she goes out and comes back and wallah she undresses. I add 10 years to whatever age she put on her profile. I don't mind the ages of what women are and nor do i care about the face either. So, she tells me to lie down, she doesn't speak much english unfortunately but she understands when you do actions with your hands and motion her to do what you want.
She did everything i asked of, she sucked me OWO, played with those tits, tit wank, The OWO was alright, i popped in her mouth and she swallowed and carried on, leaving me all sensitive and going into a craze!

Got hard within a couple of minutes again and then she strapped me up with a condom and went at it missionary. Now, some of you guys don't like this, i'm not the type who really cares cause i just like fucking regardless if they are gonna moan or not. She moaned a little, eye's closed and looking away. After this i bent her over and done her doggy.
I asked if i can do anal, she said i'm to big, i asked two more times and then she allowed me to shove it up at her anal which was actually tight, came pretty quickly.

Did all this within half hour, though i paid for an hour. I laughed and told her 'Damn i'm to quick.' i started to get ready she walks out and comes back after a minute with 20 pounds. She gave me my money back! i was like WTF. So...i didn't know what to say, so i hugged her and slapped her arse and said 'Thank you so much, i'll defo see you again'. i don't know if she understood. But i went back twice to see her for only half hour meets. She done the job, she wasn't great but she done what she said she does.

But now she offers BB, That kinda makes me think twice...is it worth it? it's to risky.

Anyway, if anyone knows when Lady Yihu is coming back into the game, let me know! cause damn i miss her!

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