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Author Topic: A decent punt with a disappointing then an ironic ending.  (Read 685 times)

Online NIK

Unfortunately Nicoletta had to cancel our appt again. After the intial disappointment I thought time to try somebody new (and I'm glad I did when I met Sally HOD - see good providers post). However prior to that I booked Amelia of Barracuda. She looked stunning in her pics (although apparently was wearing a wig!) and had a few decent reports.
Barraduda were as abrupt and unwelcming as always (hate to think what they'd say if you actually dared ask them about services!) however the appt was made.

Amelia did resemble her photos although her hair naturally was different, and I could have done without the nose stud and bloody tattoos all over her legs - why girls think these make them look more desirable, or individual I don't know.
However she did the business - kissing (although not particularly passionate), OWO (despite it saying covered in her reports) and again she came like a train when I gave her oral as did Sally of HOD. In case you think I'm always wonderful at getting girls to come with my oral technique  ;), the punt I had in between these two attracted no response at all (why are girls so different?)  :cry: - more details when I get round to it.
I wasn't up to sex with Amelia (although I had some with Sally) and came in 69 which is usually good enough for me.
At this stage there was maybe 20 minutes of the hour to go. We were just chilling out - she was quite sociable, although I doubt I would have been up for another round, when with just over ten minutes there came a knock at the door.
She went to investigate and another girl informed her that her next client had arrived early.
She said something in her language and rejoined me, but a couple of minutes later another knock. She was quite put out by this and I was getting dressed.
She said she couldn't bothered to have a shower and just wiped her fanny! as he had no business coming early and started telling me about some of the bad clients she had had. More of which in another thread.
I left her looking quite annoyed and I'm glad I wasn't that next client, although it was his fault.

Now it was £180. She told me she was on several other agencies and when I checked some were £150.
However when I returned to my hotel at the end of the evening I found a crumpled £10 I didn't know I had in my pocket. Normally I just give them the money out of my wallet. But for some reason I'd counted out £180 and put it in my pocket and one £10 had got caught around my comb and stayed there. Evidently she hadn't counted the money.
Initially I felt bad because her service had been pretty decent, but when I thought of having to leave ten minutes early and the fact that she was £150 on other sites, I felt some justice had been done.  :cool:

Offline Shade

She said she couldn't bothered to have a shower and just wiped her fanny!

Glad you had a good punt (or two) Nik, but that's shocking. At least to someone who keeps on reading about the differences between Soho girls, massage parlour girls and independent escorts, and how the latter supposedly always take better care of their hygiene.

Started telling me about some of the bad clients she had had. More of which in another thread.

Yeah, that puts me off a girl completely too. I pay for the fantasy of having either a GFE or a PSE (or a mix of the two) and the last thing I want to hear is about shite times she's had with other clients. Which may sound harsh, but given the amount of money spent, I don't think that's unfair.

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