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Author Topic: Jessica_sex_goddess - Catford  (Read 3100 times)

2 review(s) for Jessica_sex_goddess (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline akauya

I saw Jessica some time ago on an impulse as I found myself in the area and with some time to kill.

https://www.adultwork.com/1635449 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jessica%5Fsex%5Fgoddess

Comms OK, she is English and following directions was OK, however... to start with she sends me the post code and tells me to call her once I get there. A few minutes later, once I arrived where she sent me first I phoned her to get the full address then she says go to this [another address] and phone when you get there AGAIN! I said look I'm here now why don't you just give me the full address and I'll see you in 5 minutes. She then gives me the full addy. I hate it when some prossies make you do this. Go to xyz then call me, then go abc, stand on one foot, scratch your head three times then call me. FFS!

Anyway, once at her place she receives me wearing some nice lingerie, she looks attractive but no way is she 30 as she displays on her profile. I usually add a few years to prossies profiles anyway but I would add 10 or more to Jessica. Having said that, she is attractive and has a great figure, size 12 probably, huge boobs (fake), fantastic arse, great to admire whilst doing doggy.

Her service, however, was very lacklustre, to start with she did not offer me a shower, which was odd because it was unusually warm that day, she avoided small talk and would only reply to questions, not that I had many. She went through the motions, offered covered oral (which I don't mind) but she didn't even ask if I wanted OWO instead, didn't offer to kiss, etc. I don't usually go for DFK but from what I could tell, not even kissing on the lips was on the card.

I paid for half an hour and decided fuck it, I'll just do a pump and dump and go. Which is what I did.

My negative goes not because of the huge lie on her age or looks (to her credit she did turn me on and I hadn't taken the blue pill as it was an unplanned punt) but to her general attitude. She was polite enough but it was very obvious that she didn't want to interact with me at all.

Ah yes, when I was looking for prossies in that area I was using my phone so it was difficult to do a good search, however if you look at her feedback on AW it's full of wows and how amazing she is... which is why I went for her anyway. Maybe I caught her on a bad day  :rolleyes:

Not a total waste of £70 (for half an hour) but I had way better, to put it in perspective I was treated like a king by Xena for a whole hour and all for £60.

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2 review(s) found for Jessica_sex_goddess linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline jDguy

sorry mate you've just wasted money I booked this cow last year for a quickie and was a late evening booking and she almost ripped me off  :angry: as she was playing with her address. it was a off road in Lee high road when I got there phoned her she was just keep telling come in front of that house...blah..blah and at a point I was almost walked away but suddenly she came down on the road and then took me fucking hell if I say she is 40+ I won't be wrong.
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Offline LL

Sorry you had a shit punt mate.  That sounds like a typical one of mine.  I don't often organise anything in advance, so when feeling like a punt after work, I find myself searching AdultWork and "whore-dialing" until I find a girl in the area who is free there and then.  And after an hour of trying, I'll fuck pretty much anything!  Last week this worked out unusually well for me.

Offline El Jefe

I was going to book her as she looked like of the few decent WG's in the Lewisham area, don't think I will now.

Offline akauya

jDguy: yes she definitely is 40+ but as I said that wouldn't be a problem for me. If her service was better she would be a sought after MILF. She needs to be a bit more honest on her profile and improve her services.

LL:, "after an hour of trying, I'll fuck pretty much anything!" I've done that too :)  it's one of those times when our cock rules our heads.

Hazzard: Save your money mate.

Offline Arar77

In the interests of balance, I've seen her before and thought she offered a good service.  It was enthusiastic, she looked very good for her age (assuming 40+) and there was plenty of PSE OWO.  Can't remember whether she kissed, but I usually want that and I look back on this one fondly, so she may well have done.  I'd definitely see her again personally, although I must admit that it was over a year ago, and before she moved away to Luton - so maybe she's come back from there a bit jaded.

One thing to note on her attitude, I got there really late because of traffic, but she was still happy to see me - 30 mins instead of an hour as she had a subsequent booking.  Afterwards, I did my usual of legging it to the car and driving home before I get randomly spotted by someone I know, and when I got home I saw a missed call and a text from her saying her later appointment was a no-show and did I want to come back if I was still in the area.  I know that's self-serving on her part, but I thought it was decent the way she a) didn't mind me being really late, b) wanted to honour her pre-booked appointment after me, and c) invited me back.

Not promoting her unnecessarily, but I definitely wouldn't write her off on Akauya's bad experience, just in case it was a one-off.  Unfortunately I don't live locally anymore, but if I find myself back in the area I'll definitely take one for the team.

Offline punk

what a shame love the open legs shot,promises so much.thanks for the review.

Offline CoolTiger

Akauya, thanks for the FB. Have been monitoring her profile for the past year or so. She tours regularly round the Midlands, visiting Leicester every 2 months.


I saw her a little over a year ago when she was on tour in Stevenage and I have to say I basically agree with the original post 100%

With me comms were fine but that is the only real difference

Service was good-ish but done without any enthusiasm and it did really feel like she was just going through the motions

Offline Urban_G

Thanks for the heads up Akauya. I have recently thought about seeing her, some of her pics look very good, but others put me off I think due to lack of consistency with them and some give me the impression she is a lot older than i prefer. Dodged a bullet there :thumbsup:

Offline akauya

I was just looking at Jessica's profile in case she updated her age but hell no still showing 30 FFS! And I also noticed he PG is £4; greedy much?

I also found an old review here:


I would have thought her fluffies would have contacted her to tell her of a negative review?

Offline Jerboa

Looking at her pics, they remind me of someone. Like Olga formerly of HoD, or am I thinking of Parissa.

Offline nigel4498

what a shame love the open legs shot,promises so much.thanks for the review.
+1  :P

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