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Author Topic: KITTY (vivastreet)  (Read 2688 times)

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As far as escorting websites go there is no 100% reliable place for a good service with good feedback, however I have always found that Vivastreet offers a larger selection of women who are available late night and at short notice. I like to do my punting late night as I spend a lot of time working and I like the punt to be the last thing I do, you can say it makes me sleep easy.

Anyway, I booked this lady before and I must say she is lovely and hospitable. She (at that time) worked from a set of apartments behind Broad St. The apartment was warm and adequately maintained, which is always a good start. I am happy to report that the pictures match the person. She states she is 28 and I would like to think she is (with a 2 year upper limit so possibly 30). Facially, fairly attractive but not drop dead gorgeous. Her body is good she is clean.

So far so good right......so why the neutral?

Ok, so last Sunday I call her and she says she'll be back on Monday. Come Monday I call and she says Tuesday. This happens every day till Friday. She messages me on Friday to say she's in town, so we arrange a meet for later that night. Come the time for the meeting and I call to confirm, but no answer. Three or four calls later, still nothing. The next day I get a message saying that her best friends mother had passed away, so I kinda left it at that. My penis however had other ideas and decided to try and arrange again for the same day, which I did. Now, last night I call to confirm but yet again the same story, no answer. This morning I wake to a text saying she fell asleep.

When she's reliable she's a dirty slut, fingers in arse, in pussy, spit, dirty talk OWO. So good luck if you can get a hold of her. She is lovely though so this review is more about her reliability than her service.

Offline M8gic

I seen Kitty in Feb, I tried to book her recently but phone rang out so unsure if she is working anymore.

Anyways, if you are after a filthy girl/PSE she is the one.

I performed the following move on her and she was accommodating.


Also services which she offered me was

Shower with her


Intense sex


Allowing me to dominate her and spit on her face (something I seen in porn films)

She even unexpectedly stuck a finger up my arse and told me to relax as she was massaging my prostate.

All in all it was £60 for 30 mins with all services inclusive. Location was apartments at the back of Broad St.

On the Vivastreet it claims she is 28 yo, I would say more mid 30's and also she had brunette hair opposed to the blonde in the pics and is quite pretty.

Offline M8gic

Also she also offeres sucking your feet, allowing you to pee on her (neck downwards) but I didn't take those 2 up.

Decided to try and see Kitty off the back of M8gic's comments, phoned her today and made an appointment for an hour later. She texted me the location and wrong post code "Hagley road, b16 623, opposite the genting casino." I texted back asking if she meant the rainbow casino and if she was in the hotel opposite that, no reply but decided to venture on out anyway. Arrived at the location I think she meant and tried calling her a few times and of course she didn't answer. Wasn't too pissed off as I half expected it but still a wasted trip all round, really don't get these prossies, if you want to cancel then fine, but surely it's not difficult to send a message to let someone know.  :dash:

Offline M8gic

Thats why the post starter gave her neutral. Unreliable but if you can get hold of her then the actual service is not bad.

Feel for you bud, I know the frustrations of prossies giving us the run around

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