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Author Topic: Mystique Middlesbrough  (Read 3210 times)

Guys, it's been a while since I was on here for all sorts of reasons.

Anyway this profile came up and the name changed from 69chanel or something like that to xxmystiquexx - I have emailed her through AW and seems to be genuine and I'd love a go but you know how sometimes you 'just get that feeling'. I tend to stick with the old gut reaction but if anyone knows better let me know.

https://www.adultwork.com/2431046 or https://www.adultwork.com/xxMystiquexx

Cheers  :drinks:

Offline WillyW

I saw her on Directcam the other day,  didn't appear to be a full shilling  :wackogirl:

Online jarrovian

Hey guys she's using the"mystique" tag because there is a very successful lady on aw under the same name. She's just trying to cash in

She also went under another name - had 'lexi' in the title I'm sure.

Think there was a review on here warning that she was a bit off her head - chemically induced wise - maybe wrong.

Offline mcb

Hey guys she's using the"mystique" tag because there is a very successful lady on aw under the same name. She's just trying to cash in

Are you sure it’s not because there’s anothee X-Men film on the way?

Warning: Mystique scammed a punter with the old "boyfriend turning up as soon as the money is handed over" trick. See this thread:


Offline Taxi man


I fully agree with the above I went to school with her allways been a one to watch she used to live and work or Cargo Fleet lane.  She ripped me of for my taxi fair after she rang my taxi.  Didn't realise it was me  After I  sat and waiting 10 mins this smack head of a lad came out.    NO MONEY  can not pay.

Her boyfriend is called Darren Goulding  he was in the Gazzette live  for robbing and OAP of his dead wife's gold jewellery and selling it in a pawn shop in town about 2 years ago ..   Log into the Gazzette live and search for his name .

A word of warning lads stay well clear  normally this lad uses threats ,, people I know have run into the same problem  pants down and he either charges in  or the knock on the door ,, with God that's my boyfriend he will kill you if he catches you. ,,, RIGHT ,,,,

Book at your own discretion lads.  I know some people who have had amazing bookings and some who have been ripped off.

It happens when her boyfriend is out of prison think it sorts its self out when he's away 
Banning reason: Woman posing as man

Avoid at all costs. She's on another site ,,  they tried to roll me back in March ,, a skinny little chav burst in ,, stating he was her boy friend ,, what he didn't know was Im 6ft 8 when I stood up. Stood my ground ,

It looks like they roll people on a regular basis some would find them highly threatening. Stay away lads

But saying that I've noticed there adult work page is no longer up.     

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