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Author Topic: Suggestions in Walsall or surrounding areas  (Read 1629 times)

Hi there,

I am new to walsall and punting. Thinking of giving it a try. Any suggestions on someone are cheap and cheerful?

I heard there are loads of street walkers about, worth a try?If so where do I find them in or around walsall?

Grateful for suggestions
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why take the numerous risks associated with street-girls when there are plenty of profiles within 20 miles on aw  :unknown:

Offline curry

I would be very surprised if you find anything worth mentioning on AW in Walsall. Most the places are full of Romanian or other EE girls in dingy, smelly flats or terraced houses.

Bham city is less than 30 mins on the train go there the world is your oyster then.

Offline Borat

Rather than risking a hell of a lot more than the £40-50 quid that you'll save on a street walker, go to an incall venue. You'll enjoy it a lot more and find the WGs cleaner and far less smellier!  :thumbsup:

Bradford street ther always ther aftr 8-9 in th night

In order 1-neve,2-Angelxx,3-heavenly and Donna X click my reviews on and some are Walsall and have the links

Offline Ming

There's lovelyevee

www.adultwork.com/3093761 or https://www.adultwork.com/lovelyevee

Not met her myself, but reports say she has a killer body, though not quite so good facially and she only does covered oral which is why I have not been.

Ming  :hi:

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Me too was supposed to see her very nice on phone but cancelled as she only does ow but plus thing was she was willing to jump in shower with me to

Offline ffeet

Evelina is another cracker. 

On tour at the moment though.
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Offline Ramone78

I left Walsall years ago, and even then, the whole "Red light" Area was literally infested with Orrible Whores,Pimps, Smack Heads , Lunatics and Police.
Why take the risk ? just hop on a Train to Brum as mentioned above

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