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Author Topic: Petite Angel - Harrow - pocket rocket and some!  (Read 15317 times)

17 review(s) for SWEET_PETITE SARAH (13 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline darkdeep


I wanted to try Petite Angel (Sarah) because of many positive reviews and reports that she's very enthusiastic/responsive, likes anal and it's only an extra £20 on top of the £100 (which includes everything else).

Well... what to say. Sarah blew me away and then some! At least two items checked of my bucket list with her.
She's size 4. Tiny, tight body. Older then her pics (maybe 24? 26? 28?). She absolutely loves sex and is 100% into it from the moment you walk in the door (snog and grab your cock).
For the aficionados I would say she's like a combination of Hazel Kitten (super friendly and really into her sex) with Hot Ammeera (very vigorous sexuality) and Lindsay from Fulham area (super intensive, animalistic type, body shaking orgasms). Except a bit more.

Basically I got to work her arse like Pierre Woodman (been studying his technique). She responded superbly and had amazing anal orgasms (she said for the first time - but who knows). We totally wiped each other out (like my last meeting with Hazel Kitten).

Comms: 10/10
Location/flat: 10/10
Body: 8/10
Face: 7/10
Sexuality & Services: 69/10

This is mostly the same as the FR I just posted on AW. But shared it here for you too.

Great comms. Very friendly on the phone. Clear directions.
Welcomed very warmly. Comes over to snog me and grabs my cock through my shorts (before I've paid).
We agree that we'll see about my size for anal when it comes to that (I'm a little over-average). I live in hope - but usually when this is said it doesn't happen (I'm particularly thinking of Parissa (HOD - damn I wanted that) and Amelya from Wembly when she started... she nearly let me have her arse and now no-one can get near it.) However things turned about better, far better, than I could have imagined.

Hugging, kssing and then drops to her knees, my cock in her mouth within a few mins. No messing around. Everytime I stroke her pussy Sara is shivering and moaning.
Moves back and forth between soft and tender then much more aggressive (grabbing me and force kissing) - which I then reciprocated with. Moving on to deep throat and then 69 - fabulous! So.. so responsive. Sarah is gasping and chocking, writhing and squirming in pleasure.

Then fingering Sara (pussy and bum at the same time) to her first orgasm. (She shakes and shivers afterwards for a while - very intense orgasms).

Then on with the mac for her on top. Rides me sweetly and then hard... sweetly and then hard. Little size 4 body grinding her groin into me. Then getting overcome and grabbing me hard, force kissing, pinching, grimacing and snarling as she comes again. Then sweet shaking and holding.

Calming her down it's time to explore her arse. On her back, cushions under her bum, holding her ankles.... lots of lube and slipping one finger in as tongue her clit then another finger. Sara is in heaven - moaning, writing, sweating... began working her arse and clit. Sara comes in the most extraordinary way... shaking and sweating.
Calm her down.
Repeat - but deep anal fingering and pussy fingering while sucking her nipples.
Another body wrenching orgasm.

Clearly she wants my cock in there and size is no longer an issue. Doggy. Lots of lube. Ease in... very gently... working up a slow, shot pace... then picking it up. Sara is moaning and sweating - I'm deep into this size 4 arse and Sara is coming just from the anal. Deep different type of orgasm.
No rest for this girl though.
Pin her to the bed and begin working her harder - begin to grab her hair and be a little rougher (she loves it)... then another deeper orgasm. Then a vibe on her clit... for one more.
Sara is shaking with beads of sweat on her forehead. She declares that her bum is finished and can't take any more.

We turn back to pussy fuck for another orgasm (with her fingering her bum). Unfortunately time is running out and another punter is coming  - so I can't extend.
Sara works tongue and hand - cock, balls and arse.  She has her tongue deep in my arse as I start to come... she jumps up and takes it all in her mouth. Very sweetly and gently taking me all.

Just superb. Hands down the MOST orgasmic woman I've met. We counted seven orgasms in an hour (to my one).
She's so friendly and open about her sexuality. A very smart woman too (5 languages and learning another).

This was fantastic sex of the highest order. We connected emotionally and then played out a fierce sexuality.  I think Sarah likes the combination of soft and gentle and then hard and rough. She started to try to choke me during one orgasm - then apologised! It's good she doesn't have long nails!

Next time we'll try some restraints and get the Magic Wand on her clit while her arse gets fucked. She liked the sound of that.
£120 for an hour. Pierre Woodman eat your heart out! (except he gets to film and I don't - plus he's had, like 3,000 girls and fucked the arse of everyone).

I'm not sure if she's going to be the best choice for shy, retiring newbie - although she's not as full-on as Hot Ammeera and more sensitive, aware. But if like a responsive girl with a size 4 body who can fuck like an Olypmian and cums like Gen Padova - then for it!

17 review(s) found for SWEET_PETITE SARAH linked to in above post (13 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline darkdeep

Forgot to mention. Sarah is a smoker. I'm not. Did notice. Not a big problem but took the edge off a tiny bit for a moment here and there.

Offline chelsea1962

Fuck you got your moneys worth  :D

Looks like a good one.

How attractive is her face? I mean, who would you liken her to?


Looks like a good one.

How attractive is her face? I mean, who would you liken her to?


Offline MV12345

One for the hot list but she sound like she will wear me out.

She is a pocket rocket, nice bum, part russian/part polish but got face of a chipmunk  :drinks:

Offline 3styler

Does she work alone? Is her flat/house easily accessible and clean?

Its a 5 minute walk from Harrow station. She was alone in the house when I saw her.

Is her English good? What about the place itself, is it discreet and clean?

I like the description of her enthusiasm and responsiveness!
Polish / Russian has always been a ‘plus’ for me.
And smoking isn’t a problem.
Every one seems agreed on “Size 4” but she looks quite heavy in the thigh – is that just a fault in the ‘configuration’ of my screen? I mean, really quite chubby?
Also, is “face of a chipmunk” and a “Cheers” smiley a compliment or a warning?!!

Just looking at her pics, I'd say its a warning.

She looks like a cross between Freddy Krueger and Lionel Messi!  :vomit:

[Dead image links removed by admin - Reported to be displaying scam adverts]

No thanks, I'm out!

Offline akauya

Thanks for the review Darkdeep and for the pics Charming_red.

Darkdeep, has Angel changed much or are pictures quite accurate?


Offline iPad3

I've seen sarah and would go back again based on her amazing energy and willingness to please, she has a great personality too. Cheesy I know but those pics dont do her any favours. Looks wise I'd say 6-7 out of 10 so if it's a stunner you want she's not for you but as I say her energy etc would make me go back.

Offline bestbefore

I just wish the chipmunk would answer her phone.

Offline riker

That chipmunk comment has put me off seeing her...not that she ever answered her phone and I have been trying for weeks!

Offline darkdeep

Face of a chipmunk? Perhaps...  as Ipad3 said "6-7" for facial looks. Don't go there if you need 8+ or want a model.
But if you want wild sex with a very liberated and friendly girl who puts you totally at ease and will kiss your face off + size 4 body who loves it hard - then she's the best I've found.
No-one has taken it in the ass like her. None of the Thai girls or any of the others. She loves it!

Online James999

I can see why she hides her face  :thumbsdown:

Offline Luke

I had subscribed to her PG and can confirm facially she is very average

Offline akauya

I don't mind her looks, she is quite cute in an unusual sort of way. What I do find interesting is that she takes anal well. A new contender for the top spot perhaps? So far its been Maggie21... I might give Petite Angel a go to test this :)

Offline DH

I have seen Sarah myself few days ago and I'm not sure exactly what the fuss is all about but I'll not return.

Offline mh

Oh to live in Harrow! I am sure it has some significant downsides, but there's an awful lot in the punting scene to take your mind off them.  :D

Offline bestbefore

Saw Sarah today - Must have called her number dozens of times over the past few weeks, but luckily today she answered - what a little cracker! Very enthusiastic and responsive, great little body, RO, CIM, passionate DFK throughout. Clearly loves sex.

Two negatives only. A slight smokers breath - and she says she is going back to Poland this week and may not return to this job.

Thats a shame, as I would certainly be back there if she does return.

Offline bestbefore

She has a massive TV.  :D
The TV is bigger than Sarah,
But not louder!

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