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Author Topic: bellelondonescorts / PrettyLondonGirl - Evelyn  (Read 21474 times)

and the same Kevin leaving her feedback MAKELOVESURREY.

Offline alecfox

One of the images of this girl (if you put it through google image search) is also used by a few other escort agencies around greater london.  either she's well-travelled or ...


back again

This time Kevin hasnt left his feedback yet that or he has read this thread and knows he has been rumbled

he also forgot pictures, hes getting very lazy

pics and feedback are up again... guess who the feedback was from?

A fucking cunt in surrey Gigabyte ??

Pointless I know but I have reported it to AW with all the (dead) links to the previous profiles pointing out that Kevin was the only person to leave her feedback each time. I challenged AW to ban him of course they wont though

And gone again ! Maybe AW are getting there shit together !

Offline akauya

https://www.adultwork.com/2523760 Back again same fucking cunt giving feedback !

The persistent little cunt. What I don't understand is how he manages to avoid the 'Warning' that usually comes up with new profiles  :unknown:

I cant work it out either Akauya

Our Kevin must know AW inside and out

Offline akauya

or even worse, he's an insider?

Could be,,

I wondered if it was cos he set them up as phone chat and then added the escort bit. And that avoided the all the verification bollocks

Its not like his profiles give AW any profit as there is no private gallery etc

Gone again.

I do hope it gives Kevin a little bit of annoyance to have his profile pulled so quickly

Kevin must hate us :D

I hope so..I am guessing Super Kev's game is to get people to sign up to Belle London Escorts VIP Service for 80 quid for 6 months as that seems the only way to book one of his alleged whores.

I do hope that some of the lurkers and those new to punting will see this thread and see it for the scam it is.

i guess he has to put the feedback up fastas his profiles donl't stay up long, or he wont get any £80 joining fees

beats me why he uses the same pics every time, hes a lazy Kevin

Offline vorian

Apparently according to his feedback, Super Kev is a lovely man, so that's all right then. :D
Banning reason: Two faced - Slagging off UKP and it's membership using fake account

There is something a bit odd about the feedback he leaves himself.

Anyway I am sure its been reported again and again !

Offline akauya

Yes, I reported it... again!

Could it really be a front for Belle London escorts, a sort of paid for profile that's why they get past the "verification" warning? Also the text is always the same; it's a cut and paste job. I bet the cunt has hundreds of profiles like that.

The best bit of profile is Q and A

Q: Do you do role playing?

A: Yes, I did a bit of acting during my college so I am good at role playing.

This reminds me of an intelligent man I knew who said 'a skill learned, never goes watse in life'


I reported it too. And raised Kevin's participation in this as well.

I still think they avoid the verfi issue by registering as a Phone Chat member and then adding the Escorting option.

He is a tricky Kevin this one for sure

SuperKev is up to 18 feedback! Mostly from members no longer active, strange hey...  ;)

His last bullshit didn't even make sense, a great three two hour callout... So is that 6 imaginary hours?

 https://www.adultwork.com/2534215 back again

Will AW take it down before Super Kev gets a chance to leave his feedback.....

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