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Author Topic: Travelling abroad with kamagra  (Read 638 times)

Offline Szczęsny

Hi All,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

Just wondering whether anyone has taken kamagra with them when travelling abroad? It was purchased from a random website, popular on these forums, no prescription. The last thing i would want is to end up handcuffed, or them confiscated.

Offline Ghost

Yes i have taken it with me several times, never been searched though so never had to explain.
If its just s afew pills cant see it being a problem??

Online CoolTiger

I know of a fellow punter who has taken them to numerous destinations in Europe without any problem.

When he went to Dubai for the first time (approx 10 yrs ago), he decided not to chance it and did not take any. He was surprised to find that that you could buy the Original Viagra over the counter from any of the pharmacies, without any kind of prescription or any health questions asked.

As some of the WGs would not risk carrying condoms with them, punters usually had to pass by a 24/7 Pharmacy to buy condoms. Staff were instructed to ask customers if they also required any Viagra with their Condoms!!

Offline Szczęsny

Ok, that's great to hear. My trip to Prague is looking a lot more interesting :)

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