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Author Topic: In and around Bridgend  (Read 4345 times)

Afternoon Gents (and ladies if present) I'm finding Awork a bit restricted for ladies in and around the Bridgend area. It seems they either do not answer messages or haven't been online for months.

Anyone have any good recommendations for independent ladies (links to website helpful) or from Awork that they've visited?


I've emailed her a few times and in all fairness she is one of the few who have responded. We just haven't had compatible times as of yet.

thanks for the recommendation though, i will definitely keep her in mind  :D

Think I will definitely pay a visit then. Thanks guys

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Think I'm beginning to see a pattern here

Think I'm beginning to see a pattern here

With good reason, she's top notch.

Settles it. Im gonna have to see her

Just noticed a new girl in Talbot Green/Pontyclun. She seems ok, may make booking with her but if someone beats me to the puch let me know  :D

I will put up the link shortly

Looks interesting, may be worth investigating.


Booking arranged with her later, will let everyone know how it goes


Looks nice, looking forward to reading your review

Same here, photos look good but no reviews. Be interesting to have some views before booking

I'm tempted but a little close to home for my liking, would be just my luck to find out I know her  :D

Sorry gents no review from me  :dash: I was numpty and due to personal circs I could not make the meet.

Treatingyou was very understanding and very good with comms. I subscribed to her PG and she looks very tasty. She was also very well spoken. Looking to rearrange soon

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I subscribed to her PG and she looks very tasty. She was also very well spoken. Looking to rearrange soon

Any face or fully naked pics in the PG?

All of them show her face and while shes not fully naked in them she does have a few with just fish net stockings on. You can only see her snatch in about 1 or 2 however her boobs are out in most and they look a lovely pair

Offline PuntingPete

And her face is ok? - always a bonus!  :D

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This girl intrigues...

But now seems to have a duplicate...

Ive see https://www.adultwork.com/welshbabe90210. She offers bareback which I know puts a lot of people off however I politely declined this. She's based in Pontycymer in a house shared with https://www.adultwork.com/lesbianlover.

When I arrived we went straight upstairs into her room where, after handling the paperwork, we both undressed and got into her bed. From the go  there was DFK and she was very good at using her hands to get me to attention while still DFK. After about 5 minutes she proceeded to give OWO but with a GE feel, little kisses on the neck and chest, a playful lick and bite of the nipple......Her O levels are absolutely outstanding and if I hadn't stopped her I would have filled her mouth in under 5 minutes.
After stopping her she pushed me down onto my back, slipped the glove on, and proceed to ride me. She has a stunning body, a little body art but not much and live pert boobs with suckable nipples. DFK continued all thoughout

Suffice to say it wasnt long before I blew my load, after which she lay down next to me and provided a true GFE with a little cwtch and a chat, all the while playfully running her fingers across my body and balls. Seeing as I still had around 30 minutes of the hour left she worked me back to full attention with her mouth and got on top again but I wasn't up to the task of a second time so we called it a night

All in all out of 10:

Looks - 7.5
Body - 9
O levels - 9
GFE - 9

Worth a visit but I know most will be put off by her offering bareback

She's better than a lot you see on her but no super model :D

Offline aardvark

You should do a separate review on her on the correct part of the forum. Just copy and paste. It makes it easier for those doing searches. May be worth including the duplicate that GeeWiz noted.
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Will copy and paste into review now :)

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