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Offline rhubarb


based in Dunfermline

I took a big chance on this punt since everything about the setup seemed wrong (there was originally another profile that 'died' after a few weeks and nobody seemed to get replies from, and this one appeared soon after with no pics etc). I would never have given it a try except for the feedback from james t kirk that this girl was real and quite friendly.

This time I got a reply via AW that gave a mobile number, and texting enquiries got sensible, correctly spelled replies which was a positive. She confirmed some services were provided then sent the location (north of pittencrief park for the locals). Clearly she wasn't busy as I was told to come up whenever I got there.

The first major negative is the flat itself; its in a grim part of town and is an extremely run down block of flats. I had a serious think about leaving, but I've decided that the UK Punter feedback system is worth trusting, so I took a chance. (I did stash my phone and wallet before entering the block though).

The flat is small and strangely laid out, and very run down. the room was spartan with a properly knackered bed and not much else. This might put most of you off as it is really not nice, but as a veteran of Dunfermline punting I'm used to poor accommodation so this was acceptable for me.

Lily herself is a surprise though, as she actually is the girl in the original profile and is really quite attractive. blonde, 5'7 or so, athletic build, small breasts. She was happy to kiss, do OWO and receive oral; I have to say her skill level marks her out as very new to this, but this is a firm positive for me too.

Her OWO was just as a girlfriend might give you rather than a WG, meaning there was no frenzied hoovering and hand action to try to get you cumming as soon as possible. This was just a nice enjoyable lengthy blowjob that really could have gone on indefinitely since I was not in danger of cumming at any point (this too is a positive in my book, since far too many punts are spoiled by the WG 'accidentally' not stopping when asked in the hope you cum and leave).

We tried reverse oral which was enjoyable with no fake moaning or writhing around which just makes me sad when it happens. She did have quite some stubble on her legs and pussy which again will put some off, but for me it just reminded me of girlfriends gone by when things were never smooth.

We had sex in some different positions on the worlds most totally fucked noisy bed, which was really the worst part of the entire punt. although the sex was very enjoyable, that bed needs replaced ASAP but she said afterwards she's only working from there temporarily until she gets set up on her own, so its not going to happen soon.

All in all it actually seems like quite a negative review but this is almost exclusively due to the location and not the girl. I'd encourage a cautious visit if for no other reason than to keep an attractive girl working somewhere other than Edinburgh.

just to confirm what rhubarb has said in his fair and balanced review.

As i told rhubarb

Lily is nice girl but her flat is no buckingham palace not too bad nothing that a good hover would not fix but could be better but she is not asking palace rates, to be honest i did not think the bed was that bad yes i was a single one but come to think about it had her bent over the bed or made use of the sofa that was in the room made for grate oral yes i have to 2nd that the blowjob was goood had CIM for round 2.

One thing that was bit of a small bit of an put off for me was she one nipple pierced with Bar right through the tit now she has lovely breasts why ruin perfect breasts but that just my view on the nipple piercing subject.

Normally i would not book from a profile with no pics but has she had replied to emails from her original i took a chance  [urlhttps://www.adultwork.com/Lily1994][/url] she had some nice holiday style shots on that profile.

ps can the PM's from other users please stop had 3 now so far all asking what is lily like   :P


This is the old profile with face and body pics....

When I saw her first appear on AW I made contact right away by phone.

Having read a few recent reviews of punters being ripped off by pimps etc I made an official AW booking request and asked her to confirm so I could leave and receive feedback.

She never "got round" to accepting it, despite several requests, and always sounded spaced out when I called with a guys voice in the background. This combined with the dodgy location made me bottle out and cancel booking :wacko:

From the sounds of things I was maybe a bit over cautious so a visit to the kingdom might be in order next week!

Offline rhubarb

urgent warning about this girl, (now lilystefani on AW but I dont think she uses it much anymore frankly).

I completely withdraw my review of this .. well junky midden isn't putting it too strongly.
I Pulled her number out of storage to see if she had resurfaced and arranged a meet at her new digs.
Words cannot adequately convey what a fucking horror show this place is. (there are a pile of problems with finding the goddamn place but I'm not going to help a single soul find her door). The place was stacked with shite, every surface covered in old plates, clothes, dirt, dog hair (2 enormous rotweillers which was the crowning glory, adding their own delightful dog smell to the reek).
dirty clothes and fucking shite covering every square of floor except where it had been kicked into cupboards or behind stuff to make a path to the bedroom. (ignored warning signs 1, 2, 3 and 4 right there).

Here's where the AVOID AT ALL COSTS warning comes in though. Lilly is no longer an attractive youth, she seems to have aged like 10 years and shed weight round the face (big fucking warning sign missed right there). yes, she's a full fledged junky (not that I caught on, still reeling from the journey and the state of the place).
she got changed into her outfit and was evasive to taking it off (warning sign 7 missed). and... (this genuinely still makes me feel physically sick) i started the punt and put hands on her. all went fine with bj etc until I decide to suit up and fuck her. although she tried to hide them, i caught site of her festering infected track marks around her groin. the smell at this point became pretty unmistakable and this will be why I've scrubbed my hands and body with bleach and dettol every time I think of it days later, cos i TOUCHED THAT.
(on a side note of no importance, relating to the punt, she was actually texting her next punter at this point anyway so didn't notice me recoiling in horror. 0/10 for her hostess skills)
I've never walked from a punt feeling so terrible, I had a long walk then a longer drive before I could get access to dettol, mouthwash, scrubs.. i've touched a junky's infected wounds. Then, to top it all, I looked at her profile the next day and find bareback there now.

So this event, (which also marks my first 'concerned' visit to the clinic rather than a routine one), marks the very end of my punting career. Lilly, that diseased horrorshow is getting texts by the dozen from guys like you out there (well, maybe not you but I bet some of you fucked her recently), at least 3 different guys when I was there alone. You fucking idiots give your money to this midden to fuck her bareback while the occasional good W/G up here starves or moves to edinburgh. whatever festering illnesses she's laden with, you're kindly spreading them round the map to everyone. which presumably means you've visited some of the other WG's up here and shared the wealth like Typhoid Mary.

I remember an old website called 'aberdeen girls' that did reviews of the WG's up there, and they had a category called 'better off wanking'. well, i'm putting myself firmly in that bracket now as far as Fife is concerned. with the odd exception here and there I'd have been better off wanking.

Offline Tjkooker

Ooft, I want to disinfect myself just after reading that horror story. Hope your test come back negative.
Banning reason: Outing and trolling a punter because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. White-knight fluffy that pretends otherwise.

Offline rhubarb

Oh, could some admin turn this to a negative review please? Not sure if I can do that myself

Offline jambogaz

Admin, you really need to turn this NEGATIVE!

This barebacking skank is still advertising as  https://www.adultwork.com/2418019 or https://www.adultwork.com/LilyStefani


Offline Jake1980

Well that's her account gone, almost immediately however this new one appears and based on the grammar / word choice / timing I'd be surprised if it isn't the same person

https://www.adultwork.com/2795252 or https://www.adultwork.com/Iris89
« Last Edit: January 05, 2015, 11:18:44 AM by Jake1980 »

Offline Jake1980

Admin, you really need to turn this NEGATIVE!

This barebacking skank is still advertising as  https://www.adultwork.com/2418019 or https://www.adultwork.com/LilyStefani


I've asked the mods to delete my previous post as I've just noticed the girl in question has put pictures up and it's not Lily

There is a new profile up called PixieCandy who is in Dunfermline and offering bareback and does sound like her previous profile ie can't drive but can be picked up for outcalls etc

Advertising bareback should be enough of a warning for folk but just so people take a bit of caution if they do go to her

Well that's her account gone, almost immediately however this new one appears and based on the grammar / word choice / timing I'd be surprised if it isn't the same person

https://www.adultwork.com/2795252 or https://www.adultwork.com/Iris89

This girl looks like she could kick you ass ......fuck that lol ... :scare: :dash:

Offline SammyMustDie

Banning reason: Posing as woman and signing up to UKSW

Anybody seen iris, is she worth a punt. Difficult to know with that shitty hair, she does however look ok in the punch bag photo

Offline Friskyfifer

Seen Lily last week in the Doctors surgery........ No points for guessing what she was collecting!!

Looks terrible & piled on the weight.

I actually know a fair bit about her real life, used to be gorgeous & a holiday rep, her family are very well off & high in society!!

She fell in with 2 junkies and sadly remains one

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