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Author Topic: 10 out 10 punts that put all the others into perspective  (Read 1736 times)

Offline SirFrank

Have you had what Vorian often refers to as gold standard punts? I've had some excellent punts, some great one, loads of vanilla ones and a lot of shit ones. However, I could count the sublime punts on a few fingers. I met naughty slut Soph in Bristol a few months back and it has to be said she is one of the best WGs I've ever met.

The issue for me now however is that she has put most of my other punts into a more meaningful perspective. I've had a few punts recently that now largely feel a little on the lame side. I just wondered what others experiences are and whether such punts have longer term consequences? I rarely do repeat visits as I like variety and I often find the return visits somewhat disappointing.  However, I will visit Soph again next time I'm in Bristol. I do now also wonder  if I'm now destined to compare everything to 'the gold standard'.  Any thoughts?
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Offline Toshiba

I saw a girl called adriana from amour escorts in newcastle last week, simply stunningly perfect and a 10/10 punt and im certainly returning for round 2.it was a 30 min punt but im going for an hour of pure filth and fun next week.ive never met a more sexier escort and was stunning to look at

My first was the best, all others after have always left me looking for that bit more. I returned to her last week to see if it would be as good second time around and, indeed, I wasn't mistaken. In fact it was even better. It caused an over-run of record-breaking proportions (see thread) and was also the cause of the traffic-light, brain fade incident/thread.

Fuck knows what'll happen next time.....

Offline smiths

I have had many gold standard punts over 31 years punting. If i hadnt of had i imagine i would of retired years ago.

I naturally compare these punts with newbie WGs to me, like a junkie after his next fix i am after the next gold standard punt fix. Gems are always about, its of course finding them and this site can sure help with that.

Offline Xerxes

Some fabulous memories. Girls who rape you, girls who snog you, girls who suck you sweetly, girls more beautiful than any angel...

Offline CBPaul

Two I would consider gold standard but didn't realise what how good a punt had to be to achieve gold standard until I experienced the first - obvious really I suppose. Both were EE girls, one Polish by the name of Eva and one Latvian by the name of Daniella, both sadly no longer working. The search for the next Eva or Daniella goes on but they don't come along too often  :(

I have had gold "service" punts but gold standard no, the expectation of the girl you meet is rarely correct, too much airbrushing having gone on. (Hence my username)

The closest I have come is a threesome with X-SEXYSASHA-X and XOX-NATALLY-XOX, natally is stunning and sasha's service is excellent :-)

Offline wristjob

About 1/10 seem to be spot on - I walk out and I'm literally buzzing for 2 days after. As SF says repeat business doesn't always end up as good - even if it's s good they can never be new & unknown again and you go there with expectation.

Some fabulous memories. Girls who rape you.

This girl was on top of me and she grabbed my arms, pinned me down and just went for it - then apologised at the end. Priceless.

Offline Glader

This girl was on top of me and she grabbed my arms, pinned me down and just went for it - then apologised at the end. Priceless.

Those are the best but 1/10 are willing to do that

Most are just too submissive - not enough are up for it

Offline wristjob

It's not about being willing - it's about doing something spontaneous and unexpected.

Offline Tjkooker

Everybody has a different expectation. My last punt was a gold standard yet the girl didn't kiss and oral was covered. Usually in my book that's a negative. However I asked for a specific scenario and outfit. Both were delivered exactly as per my request and the girl was even better than I remembered from this time last year.
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