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Author Topic: Booking a Hotel  (Read 1061 times)

Offline Kyuss


I've booked a Hotel for a punt this afternoon, never done it before. This might be a dumb question but do I meet the girl at reception/bar or does she come straight to my room.


Just give her the room number

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I've booked a Hotel for a punt this afternoon, never done it before. This might be a dumb question but do I meet the girl at reception/bar or does she come straight to my room.


This depends. Some will want to come to the room, others might meet you in the bar. Ask her when you book.

Or you could meet her in the bar/reception - more exciting that way!!

Offline jackdaw

To some extent you have to make a recce of the place when you first get there.

Being a lazy sod I usually give them room number, and let them come to room on own. But in some hotels (e.g. one where access to floors requires a room key card) that's not an option… in those cases you have to meet just outside, or hotel bar or reception.

Offline AnthG

For me I would say go to the room booking and get the key/keycard yourself from reception. Go to the room yourself and get you/it prepared and then 10 mins before she is scheduled to arrive go and wait outside so the two of you can walk in together.

I say this as it just seems the polite thing to do. Plus and the main reason I suggest this, hotels may not want prostitutes anywhere near there premises. Chatting with girls during bookings they have sometimes gave me horror stories about being identified and kicked out of hotels.

So by you doing it this way there is no risk in the girl getting accosted by security/concierges who are being nosy and maybe start questioning her. Or who may remember her from coming to see other guys.

As I do not care who you are but no security guard is going to take on a couple walking into reception together and say she is a known prostitute, the two of you out. But they would do it to a girl coming in by themselves.

I am probably worrying needlessly (something I have a habit of doing) but like I say there is no harm in waiting outside for 10 mins.

Offline SirFrank

I usually meet the girl at reception purely because I want to make sure she's happy with the set up and feels comfortable enough to come up to the room
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Online Anadin

The OP has already done it by now but when you check in to a hotel assuming you've at least wisely chosen a big busy anonymous chain then you'll soon see how easy it is to get to your room unimpeded. If it's anything like the few hotels I've used recently she can come straight up to your door and no one will bat an eyelid, which to me is absolutely ideal.

Personally I don't fancy the idea of waiting for her in a bar or hanging around at the front of the hotel and the one hotel I used that had keycards for the lift I kept in contact and met her in the lift.

Offline Sword

I always get the girl to come straight to the room.  I enjoy the anticipation of waiting for that knock on the door.

Offline Glader

I'm under te impression working girls book into a hotel and never come out till they leave

No working girl would get kicked out unless she was either reported or was down every 30 mins greeting clients.

I've only ever met one girl down at the entrance out of 10+ incalls

When it comes to an outcall and mines is a hotel then I ain't waiting for a girl in the lobby. I know what girls timing is. 5 mins can easily be an hour

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