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Author Topic: Recommendations for Peterborough/Leceister area - today 4 May!!  (Read 838 times)

Offline Kips996

Hi All,

Find myself unexpectedly in the Peterborough/Leics area with nothing to do so decided to treat myself - Any recommendations of quality ladies that are likely to be working today 4 May


Offline Kips996

.....what there's absolutely nobody worth visiting in the Peterborough/Leics area on a Sunday!! Bugger, I'm glad I'm not a local................

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Offline Kips996

...Thanks, noticed she is doing duos with Tiffany Snow - are these worth it?  what puts me off Tiffany is that she doesn't kiss according to her profile.

Offline Kips996

...unfortunately got a auto-reply from Ava asking me to phone/text her, but there's no number on her AW profile................................back to the drawing board!

Offline pleasure

I've never met Ava, but I can totally vouch for Tiff. The kissing part is a shame, but I can assure you she more than makes up for it in other ways.  :D

Offline thewonderingdick

She has a wig on photos are by photoshop touchup team!! and she wants £100 for half hour incall "Me thinks someone is taking the piss!!  :bomb:

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