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Author Topic: staceyspears  (Read 2702 times)

1 review(s) for -PrincessParis (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

www.adultwork.com/2248839  www.adultwork.com/StaceySpears  previously commented on this lass in this thread https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=28906.0 and on that occasion it sounded like bigjim had a so-so time however as i'd been wanting to see her for a while ,had tried and failed to book her twice before and facially she looked very much my type i decided to go ahead anyway and glad i did as i had a great time  :) the location was the holiday inn at junction 7, communication was fine upon meeting stacey she is probably a bit bigger than a 12 as jim said but that wasn't a major issue for me as i found her very pretty as in the profile pics (a pretty face rules for me) also she's a very warm, friendly girl who put me at ease straight away, started off with some very enjoyable kissing and cuddling and playing with/sucking on her cracking tits she then moved on to giving me some great handjob action with plenty of ball fondling, i'm mainly a blowjob guy but i do enjoy a bit of manual stimulation first  ;) the oral was first class starting off nice and slow then working it deeper and faster - heaven for me so i was only to happy to return the favour licking her very pretty and tasty muff until she came, on with the rubber and we started off with her on top and it was great playing with those big tits while she rode me, into mish for a bit more shagging before some great hand relief onto those tits (sadly she doesn't offer cim) it's horses for courses in this game and while she may not have floated jim's boat she ticked most of the boxes for me so i'll definitely see her again when she's in the area, nice girl  :thumbsup:

1 review(s) found for -PrincessParis linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline bigjim

really glad you enjoyed  :yahoo:

as you say its horses for curses


thanks bigjim hope you didn't think i was taking a pop mate , i was pleased you'd punted her as having failed to book her twice previously i'd had my doubts she was a genuine girl until your posts,  as for the difference in tastes attraction is very much subjective i find and while she didn't suit your preferences she certainly lit my candle so to speak  :drinks:

Offline Juankerr

Thank's for the review jammiedodger. I had been keeping my eye on her as a possible as she look's facially very nice but she may be a little big for my taste's.
Happy punting , Juan.  :hi:

Offline dboy74

Sadly my experience was not positive at all.

I saw her at the Metro Inn Hotel, Walsall on 28 April. I should have known from start not to have pursued this after initial comms.

Confirmed meet time via AW and asked for start of the postcode location. She would not give. The area she works in indicated on her profile is quite large (very much like her, which I found out at the meet!).

Offline dboy74

......sorry butter fingers! I will continue....

So asked for nearest railway station. She confirmed Hamstead.

Day of the meet I call her when I arrive at Hamstead and finally confirms location, which is fucking Walsall!! Quickly hop on bus and make it on time, just.

Call her again and told to wait 5 minutes. After 5 minutes call her again and told to go to second floor of hotel then call her again? Get to second floor and call her to finally confirm room number. Why all the phone calls I do not know!

She is definitely a bigger unit than expected, probably 16-18, although facially fairly attractive.

Realised her mate was in the bathroom and stayed there answering fucking calls throughout  :dash:

The services provided were OW, which was just Ok. No kissing and certainly no issue with my oral hygiene, so no idea why she declined. I asked to move into RO, but said she did not do this in 30 minute meets. Nothing on her profile to state this! However, I subsequently got a whiff of down below, so grateful in the end lol.

By this stage I was getting bored, uninterested and floppy. Eventually I finished myself off over her saggy tits.

Got myself dressed while her friend proceeded to come out of the bathroom. She suggested I should have booked a threesome with. Not likely love I thought. She was a bit of a munter  :D

Oh well you win some you lose some!

sorry you didn't have such a good one dboy she obviously divides opinion, yep she's definitely a curvy one but as i said, for me a pretty face is number 1 and i enjoyed her services

Offline dboy74

You clearly hit it off with her and good luck to you.

We just did not click from the off and the old "spidey sense" leading up to the meet was telling me to abort!

That's what happens when you think with your dick instead  :rolleyes:

You clearly hit it off with her and good luck to you.

We just did not click from the off and the old "spidey sense" leading up to the meet was telling me to abort!

That's what happens when you think with your dick instead  :rolleyes:
it's happened to me too mate trust me, the hit and miss nature of this little hobby eh  :hi:

Offline mo_11

Timewaster avoid, called today to make a booking she gave me a postcode which was an industrial area and surprise surprise she did not answered when i called back.

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