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Author Topic: Margate - Karmmy  (Read 466 times)

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Visiting England at the end of April, decided to try an Adultwork WG. The South East has been getting bad comments of late so I thought to try someone without any reviews.

Karmmy looked nice and her 'likes' were fairly comprehensive, so it seemed like a good choice.

Telephoned and made an incall appointment later in the day. She told me the location of her apartment and asked me to give her 15 minutes notice prior to arrival.

The apartment which she described as 'luxurious' fell a little short of that description, but was clean and tidy, so no complaints there. I was able to take a shower in a nice clean bathroom which was also a plus point. As it was an afternoon appointment she assured me that she was scrupulously clean and always showered and washed carefully between clients.

Dried off and went to the bedroom and a small double bed, not a lot of room for athletic performances, but adequate.

Karmmy was dressed in a very attractive bra and panties and the bra came off immediately as she started on a massage, shoulders first then a quick trip down to the tackle to see what might be happening there. A comfortable erection had her turning me over for an enthusiastic oral session as she asked if a condom was needed. I prefer OWO so she went with that ok. The panties came off at this point and I was getting quite interested in it all!

So far so good, but it went slowly downhill from there. Exploratory gentle fingering of both holes was not received enthusiastically and she wriggled away. Oral to her was not on either and I began to realise that all that was advertised was not actually going to happen.

Disappointing, but for a first visit, maybe understandable.

Her oral was good and she had me squirting quite soon. No contact at my orgasm though, as she held the old feller away from her and wrapped toilet tissue around it as I spouted.

We had a good chat and swapped stories for the rest of the hour until it was time to go.

All in all, not a particularly satisfying meeting, but I somehow sensed that a return visit might be a better experience once she knew you, and I think maybe your mileage may vary as the saying goes.

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