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Offline Ludwig


Let me say at the outset that I know I should have walked...but unfortunately her place is in a little Kent village in the middle of fucking nowhere;  I'd driven an hour to get there and stupidly I had no plan B;  I'd also read good things about her oral, so I thought "fuck it, I'm here now, let's give it a go"

Sasha is a South-London-accented English WG. Comms were fine, via texts & calls. Price was £100 for an hour, with an extra tenner for CIM.  The venue was a house on a really quiet residential street, in said quiet little village.  I parked a good 100 yards away, & out of sight around a corner; and I'm glad I did as I'm pretty sure there was a suspiciously excessive amount of curtain-twitching from the neighbours as I approached her place...

It's definitely her in the photos...but sadly those photos are woefully unrepresentative of her current appearance, and are depictions of former glories.  I am sure that she was once a relatively pretty & attractive size 8/10 - however, sadly she is now a chubby, fat-faced & shapeless size 14.  Her stated age of 34 is probably there or thereabouts. She stands at around 5'3"- 5'4". I'm not sure if she has any visible stretch marks, as she was wearing a corset-type slip & ultimately I decided I'd prefer it to remain in place throughout, for fear of its removal revealing anything unpleasant...


All the listed services which I normally seek were on offer: FK, OWO, CIM, RO;

The FK was entered into willingly and apparently enjoyably on her part;

The actual shagging was okay as it goes - missionary, doggy and cowgirl - she was convincingly responsive without being over the top, and pleasantly flexible despite her bulk;

The bed was amusingly loud during the shagging. In particular the metal-framed headboard was banging & crashing against the wall so noisily & violently, I began to fear for the structural integrity of the brickwork;

She was happy to engage in two rounds in the hour;

No time-wasting, clock-watching or rushing...


The glaring disparity between the photos & the physical reality;
The OWO, although hands-free, was underwhelming.  It was essentially dull, unimaginative and lacking in any variety - just a straight forward up & down up & down style, with practically no kissing or licking of the cock or balls, etc.;

Even the CIM was disappointing.  Although I was aware that she doesn't swallow, she'd swiftly turned away & was hawking some of my procreative produce into the bin before I'd even finished spurting - if I'm paying a WG extra for the privilege of being permitted to shoot into her cakehole, I at least expect her to allow me to finish cumming & then to Hoover up every last drop before jettisoning it;

Service-wise, I'd probably rate it subjectively as a neutral, in that she delivered the goods as promised, albeit rather unremarkably...but the horrificly misleading photos make this an automatic negative.  I suspect she relies on the likelihood that a lot of mug punters (like me) will not walk simply because of the time & energy expended in getting to her place - if she was based in London, and therefore competing with rival WGs a couple of tube stops away, she couldn't get away with such a misleading profile.  If you're happy with a dumpy, chunky, silicon-titted bottle-blonde, then she'll fit the bill...if you're expecting the slim petite lass which the (pre-boob-job) profile photos below suggest, prepare to be disappointed....

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1 review(s) found for Miss Brands Hatch linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline James999

If you're happy with a dumpy, chunky, silicon-titted bottle-blonde, then she'll fit the bill..

She's obviously not comfortable with that look or she'd update her pictures  :thumbsdown:

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