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Author Topic: 15 minutes sessions  (Read 900 times)

Hey guys

Has any one tried a 15 minute session?

Are they worth it?
How much can you get done?

Looking to give it a go.

Offline Festisio

rarely does a prossie offer a 15min service that is much cheaper than 30.

Not long enough for me anyway.

Offline GreyDave

Hi Donpatel  :hi: :hi:
I often do 15min sessions they tend to be the basics, but I have found by ringing just before  turning up clean and promptly and being ready to just fuck n go the girls have often taken time and gone over . Maybe its a way of getting you to come back :D :D :D.  Stands to reason if its a quite time youve a better chance mate!
Most weekends I like to do the Soho walkups these can be £20-30 plus £2 tip (10 min basic one postion mish some times covered O to get stiff) :cool: for maid its a great way of seeing whos on and if you do`nt like em there is no problem walking down the stairs.. :D :D That way you can spend a little and past the day doing a few  (I pop a bluey to help) and have a meal in China town/Snack/ Pint during breaks. Saturday/Sunday mornings are best just as they are starting its not as crowed as you might think unlike week days when the office and city boys are on the prowl :scare:
I have yet to find the Wiki space line ups matches completely with whos on just think of it like that tv program were they walk around.... Bargin *unt  :cool: :cool:

Offline Jimmyredcab

Has any one tried a 15 minute session?

In my street punting days back in the 80's ------------------ now 30 minutes is my minimum session, one hour with a girl who is known to me.    :hi:

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