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Author Topic: I had a dream  (Read 637 times)

Offline socks

Last night I dreamt I was at some place (it kept changing from being work to a party to somewhere I didn't know) with three women who I knew (but can't recall them now). Suddenly one of them takes it upon herself to try to embarrass me by straddling me and bouncing up and down in my lap. The other two sort of laughed but mainly ignored it and carried on talking. I looked up and it was the delectable Kylie Flirt in my lap so I thought fuck it, let's get a hard on, bollocks to who's watching and I began to thrust my hardening cock back at her bumcheeks. Then I woke up. Damn.  :dash:

That can't be the only WG related dream anyone's had?

Roland D Hay

Certainly looking that way!  :lol:

Offline CBPaul

No, thankfully. Jesus, that would be a difficult on to explain away. Never mind dreaming of punting, it's going to give me nightmares about dreaming about punting.

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