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Author Topic: Bluebelles, Sheffield; Sophie, Mia et al  (Read 2551 times)

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Offline sheffsteve

I'm a regular at Bluebelles, Sheffield, as this is the only consistently good parlour I've found in Sheffield other than Cameo -- which boasts the excellent Tiffany and Amy (two young, lovely students who give absolutely first class, highly personable service).
Current best girl at Bluebelles is surely Sophie, who is pretty, early/mid-20s, size 10. The service is unfaultable. Beautifully friendly, with full-on, passionate kissing, and really sensual and enthusiastic OWO. Reverse O makes her orgasm intensely. She just loves not just sex but interacting with men in all respects.
She's come over to Sheffield after the Leeds Chief Constable decided to shut all Leeds parlours. [Bluebelles has been getting a few newbies from Leeds as a result, as no doubt have other parlours.]
As everywhere there is the odd louse in the woodpile, of course: the girl to avoid at the moment IMHO is Lorri, who although young and attractive and does everything (including OWO), is rather a 'bag o' spuds' job (as in sex is like ...). That her heart isn't in it seems not to be the only problem given an incident I overheard with another Bluebelles regular: she appears to be something of a nutcase.
Don't let the odd poor girl put you off this parlour, though. The good girls far outweigh the bad ones, and the latter don't last in any case. There's a 'three strikes ...' policy, so even longstanding first-rate girl Alexi was let-go because of timekeeping issues.
This parlour is very well run from the punter's point of view. The owner, John, always gives me an accurate low-down and takes on board feedback. It's a genuinely friendly place to visit, where both girls and punters feel comfortable.
Another girl here who always gives exceptional service is Mia. Ex-Cameos, she's a friendly, nicely quiet soul; slim, and albeit facially not 'a looker' she easily makes up for it in the room.

Mia... albeit facially not 'a looker'.

You can say that again - I'm sorry but I need my punting partners to be pretty no matter how good they are in the room.  Shallow of me I know...

Sadly, Sophie doesn't seem to have any photos for inspection...

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Offline sheffsteve

As with all parlours, photos seem to take ages to get on the website, unfortunately. But Sophie IS pretty and a size 10.

Offline NIK

Yes I've seen Mia twice. Once at Cameo and again at Bluebelles.
Service is very good but as with many parlour girls I just didn't find her attractive so wouldn't see her again.

Offline goomer

I was condsidering either Amy or Tiffany at Cameo's, I've heard rave reviews about the latter but would like to know more about the former..

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