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Author Topic: Romanian Prossie observation..not the usual critique  (Read 2620 times)

Offline NightKid

Ironic how the thread turned out the exact opposite of what was stated in the title.  :rolleyes:

Anyway, coming back to the initial topic, one of my observations is that their level of attractiveness is generally higher than most of other EE nationalities, which is the definitive saving grace.
Edit: Whether or not the reason they're coming out in force is because of that or some other reason, I don't know and I doubt anybody would.

Therefore, while I'm aware of the associated negative reputation and to a certain extent fear said reputation, I'd still punt with them on that basis & also because I love the thrill of discovering gems.
The trick, I reckon, is to be thorough when vetting profiles ... which you should be doing with all untested profiles really, regardless of nationality.

As for the comment about hourly rates not going down and £80ph being the base rate, that is actually a good thing despite me sharing the common belief on here that price is not directly proportional to quality.
I say that because, among my other observations, I've noticed that those who cost £60ph or below usually have a terrible reason for doing so.
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Offline CBPaul

I said that I'd never seen a Romanian claiming to be Polish and bugger me I've spotted my first one

https://www.adultwork.com/2325491 or https://www.adultwork.com/Dirtyblondexx

Town:    Cambridge
County:    Cambridgeshire
Region:    East of England (Anglia)
Country:    United Kingdom
Accessing From: Romania
Nationality:    Polish

Member Since:    20/01/2014

I'm sure I recognize this picture too, recycled from a previous profile

I've generally had good punts with Polish girls so this is a development that to me is bad news. Unless of course she is Polish and just happens to be holidaying in Romania

Offline Johny Stone

or maybe her pimp is in Romania or romanian  :D

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