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Author Topic: Janina Rush  (Read 830 times)

Offline herbie007

I have seen her but I didn't shag her, she kept me hanging around outside her place for about 10 minutes, when I finally got in she told me I could only have ½ hour instead of the 1 hour I booked as her Landlord was coming round so I walked, she seemed like a nice girl and very slim but she was fully clothed so didn't get a proper look at her, she also looked a bit older than her pics.

If you go see her please post a report as I’m still in two minds about going back.

thanks Herbie - will let you know if i go.
I noticed one of her photos is stamped with Twistys.com so taking a wild guess its probably not her....

Offline NightKid

Her last name isn't particularly inspiring confidence.  :lol:

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