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Author Topic: Vixensinner  (Read 1861 times)

Been on the purple site and noticed Vixensinner's profile.

Has anyone seen this wg and any feedback?

Sorry, forgot to post the webpage address:


If anyone could give feedback, be appreciated

Offline Salt

Cardiffboy welcome to UKP  :hi: 

As a fellow new member you may want to share some of your experiences with WG in others parts of the forum before you ask for info....

Some will be suspicious of your recent history due to a glutt of new members who have turned out to be banned members, WG's pretending to be punters or anti UKP trolls....
Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

Offline Vinblanc

Thought I might have a bash but no answer to emails...

I am going in

will report back, if i come out alive ! 

Look forward to seeing your review, if you come out alive that is!!

She looks good, so could be a future meet.


Have you been in or has vixensinner put a spell on you that means you cannot review your experiences?!

Would be interested to hear what happened...

have not met yet

have had a few e mail exchanges earlier in the week and then tried to call her on the number she provided but no joy other than a few texts from her.

still perservering



but a few texts exchanged and e mails too

trying to set something up for tomorrow

fingers crossed, or going to have to spill the beans somewhere else ;-)

Did you manage a meeting of were the beans spilt elsewhere?

Unfortunately I have not managed to meet up with this promising lovely, despite many hot texts and saucy e mails.

So much potential and now her profile has gone from AW!!!!!!

I hope that this is just temporary!

Beans have been offloaded elsewhere in the interim - sexy Olivia 21 more times than I should have ;-) Think I spent some of the holiday money on her, oops!!!!! And afia in Newport.

All is not lost though as I have finally been able to sort out a date with welsh brunette at the end of the week - oh what joy. Have a sack full for her, I do hope that she is gagging for it.

profile gone now - but she was quite good - based in penarth across the road from Wkdroxi...

similar type - friendly milf that will do everything you ask.

nice punt.

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