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Author Topic: Katy1992  (Read 2100 times)

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Half hour Incall

I was sitting around the house on Sunday, a bit bored and getting increasingly horny. I'd tried a couple of girls but only got negative responses, 'to far', 'I don't do Sundays' etc. So after another look on adultwork I decided to take a stab on Katy as I had heard from this site that she was fairly local to me. I eventually got a response and after some great coms I met her at her place half an hour later.

What I was greeted by was something I never expected! Her profile pictures do not do her justice one iota! She's tall, tanned, toned and beautiful. She was dressed all in black including a classic little black dress which showed off her fantastic figure and had me twitching already. I was already planning my next visit before we'd even sat down! After an exceptionally relaxed and friendly greeting we sorted out the cash and we made ourselves comfortable on the corner sofa.

'Come here then ..' was my instruction and as I slid myself across the sofa towards her she pulled me close wrapped one leg around me and proceeded to force her tongue down my throat! wow, wasn't expecting this, her tongue stud rattling around my mouth whilst be both proceeded to grope the hell out of each other. What we were now fully in the swig of, was the most passionate experience I've ever had with an escort, possibly a girl. I think I was the first undressed, a wry smile appearing on Katy's face when she coped site at the size of my cock and we proceeded to move each other around the sofa for no reason what so ever than, well. I think we were both damn in to it! At the time Katy undressed I think she had me well and truly pinned down, straddling and grinding on my ever hardening cock. After giving her perky little tits a good seeing to it was condom time ...

She took a hold of my dick and began to work her magic. Sucking and teasing whilst occasionally looking up, cock still in her mouth for approval. Eye contact from the girl sucking your cock, is there a better thing on this planet? Time was moving on and it was time for the main event! Katy slid her tight pussy over my cock and began to slowly ride me whilst my hands explored every inch of her fine figure. Working up a rhythm so Katy's fine little tits bounced up and down in my face, you could tell she was genuinely enjoying herself. I then flipped her over, legs up by her ears and pounded that tight little pussy. I was giving her everything I had and bloody enjoying myself no end! Now you couldn't possible shag a girl this hot and not bang her from behind? So with Katy on all fours I slid my big cock inside her and began pumping the shit out of her, my thighs slapping against her pert little ass. I reached round and began rubbing her hard little clit and I'm sure at this point she came on my cock! A bit more pumping of this stunner, DFK'ing throughout and it was time to cover her face I my hot spunk. She got on her knees and took it like a champ!

After a quick clean up and a swig of tropical juice I made my exit. The best experience with an escort to date!  :thumbsup:

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Prostitooter

Sounds like you had an amazing time with your big cock - well done! By the look of her AW profile English is not Katy's first language. Where is she from?

Online James999

A couple of points,

What would you say her age is, as she's clearly not 21

Didn't her smile when she saw your cock was small offend you, everyone knows pro$$ies prefer small cocks but she shouldn't have made it so obvious in your case  :music:

Online James999

By the look of her AW profile English is not Katy's first language. Where is she from?

Profile says Polish  :music:

Also says she doesn't ses "Black Mens" (perhaps in line with her preference for small cocks  :unknown: )

Be cool guy's ... your loss.

She's 22 and Polish. Her profile is crap and does not accurately reflect her! ... I'll probably give her a heads up to this NEXT TIME I see her and hope she doesn't take offence. ha!

I saw Katy about a month ago. Fantastic experience, probably in my top 3 of all time in the Leicester area.

Smoking hot body for her age, Friendly and downright filthy.

10/10 would deffo go back.... In fact hoping for an encore this week after some recent disappointing experiences with other EE girls in the East Mids

Saw her last night, very attractive although she does wear a wig to cover her blonde hair which she keeps checking to make sure it's still in place. Superb toned body, she used to play a lot of sport back in Southern Poland & was a good runner from what she told me, I can well believe it.

I wasn't on top form though & unfortunately, unlike music man, I only have a teeny weeny willy  :D ! However, I can highly recommend her  ;)

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