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Author Topic: Sexy Layla Rose  (Read 997 times)

First time doing this but just had to sign up and tell!

Decided to have an in call with Sexy Layla Rose.  Comms good at the start but then started to get loads of 'just 5 more more min's' txts, I was supposed to see her at 1.45, when twenty past came and no further communication I decided to just go, then on my way back I got a txt saying she was ready, as I hadn't long left I replied to say 'ok, 5mins' she then replied 'ok, can you stop off at the corner shop and get some condoms on your way'   :dash: I replied 'it doesn't matter' and went

https://www.adultwork.com/901386 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy%2DLayla%2DRose

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Offline jarrovian

She has history, always worth doing a search on this site first. I was almost tempted by her a couple of years ago, then she began to get bad feedback. She then removed the feedback. It seems she's been scamming for a while and may be a druggy

Offline jarrovian

Mind you if her photos are real she had the best arse I've ever seen

Offline DaveMugabe

For gods sake STAY AWAY

She has worked as LeahBeth, LeaBeth Lollipop, Raunch Rachael and a few others,  Read the feedback on this forum about these names and dont get ripped off.

In my over 20 years punting I only got ripped off twice.  Once about 19 years ago and she was was the second -one a couple of years ago.

Read my review here.

Just read reviews, talk about lucky escape! Will use this site more

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