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Author Topic: Alexandra Cristina Glasgow  (Read 1155 times)

Anybody have any info on this girl?

Offline SamScott

I seen her once in Edinburgh bro last year.

Was a dope head flat and her smelled of pot and she was pretty dos.

Took a BJ then left that was it

Offline SamScott

Dos? As in dositile but but Clearly can't spell that lol

Offline auldie63

Dos? As in dositile but but Clearly can't spell that lol
Dos??  dositile???  just who is on the wacky baccy????

Offline elihd

I texted her the other day asking for a booking with some details, she replied and told me she stays in westmuir street, i then asked should i phone her when i get there whats the number of the building when i get there since its one long street. I didnt get a reply back. Her english wasnt that good on the text either.  :thumbsdown: You should try look elsewhere.

Offline seeker

She's a time wasting Cunt .
I hadent read this post .
Booked her on Sunday , agreed time and she texed me to go to westmuir street .
Got there and ten mins before fun time I phoned for exact address.
She Never got back to me , even though I text and rang a few times
Another timewasting skanky romanian who thinks the sun shnes out her smelly fanny  :mad:

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