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Author Topic: Ibis blackfriars  (Read 801 times)

Offline M22kent

I'm staying here next week and planning on an outcall.  Has anyone stayed here? What's the deal with access? Will the wg be at to get to my room without a key card or will I need to go and meet

Offline mrhappypants

Pretty sure Dee uses this as a venue and I saw here there 6 months ago.  If it is where I think it is, she should just be able to walk straight up to your room.  I sat in the lobby and worked for a half hour and the staff didn't bat an eyelid. Key thing; ask her to hold off on putting on the crotchless leather frogman suit (or whatever) until she gets IN to your room  :)

Have used this location for outcalls before. It's fine. Staff don't care.

But you do need a key card to gain access to the lifts. Tell your 'student' to wait in the lift lobby and you can go and get her without anyone really noticing.

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