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Author Topic: Bella xox - incall in queensway  (Read 2134 times)

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Decided to give Bella a spin after my Plans A, B, C, D, E and F had seemingly decided to go on holiday together (or on strike). The reason she was so low down the pecking order was due two reports questioning her enthusiasm, namely
https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=14814.msg227178;topicseen#msg227178 and

so with expectations set to low, I trudged along to Queensway. Her flat is a few doors down from the tube so handy if you're on the central line. She buzzed me up - lives in a cosy bedsit (that's probably a tautology now I think of it) in a serviced apartment block. Greeted me in mufti, then after the paperwork she retired to put on some lingerie. She is genuinely pretty - bit too much make up and false eyelashes but she has a lovely smile. And a really nice manner - giggly and easy going.

She came back in and offered me a massage which I agreed to - I was conscious that we only had 30 mins but I always find that it breaks any awkwardness around the initial physical intimacy. After a couple of minutes she flipped me over for some great owo, (should point out that she wet wiped junior first. Never bothers me in the slightest, but i know it bothers some). We graduated to RO, and her pussy is in excellent condition - smooth as a silk, sweet tasting and thickly packed - her fronds reminded me of a generously portioned roast beef sandwich. Noticed her generally really good work rate at this point - asking me "you like?" throughout, which I felt was a good touch - clearly wanting to please.

Condom on and her on top - great technique - lots of panting and moaning which I knew wasn't genuine - and you know what? Didn't mind in the slightest - in fact I appreciated the effort that she put into pretending to enjoy what was probably just another routine punt. Then a very abortive attempt at doggy on the floor, which didn't work as there wasn't room. But where other hookers might have tutted and insisted we got back on the bed she complied, giggled at the fact that we failed to make it work, and then beckoned me to try missionary. Lots more groaning and silly exhortations ("fuck my pussy") etc. then it was time to blow my load, and she took the whole lot willingly in her mouth before jettisoning it in the bathroom.

Exec Summary

Pretty girl (she really is - and would be without the warpaint. She shares Kate Middleton's nose, as well as her insatiable appetite for cock)
Excellently presented genital area
Puts the client first - attentive to my needs and wishes and constantly checking that I was enjoying myself.
Lovely, ebullient manner
Good owo and CIM and enthusiastic, energetic sexual technique.

Her English is pretty limited - so hard to connect in a GFE way. Competent sexual lexicon, from what I could tell (didn't ask her if she knew what 'wolfing' was, for example).

She is quite big below - and particularly in the belly area (cellulite alert). This means that the gunt becomes visible when she leans forward. The pics in her profile are out of date. However, to quote Partridge, probably "easily concealed in casual clothing".

All in all though, a good punt, I'd give her a solid 7/10. A good option if you only have £60 to spend. Was pleasently surprised, considering the earlier reviews questioning her enthusiasm and work rate - maybe she's gone to hooker school since.


11 review(s) found for Bella xox linked to in above post (3 positive, 5 neutral, 3 negative)

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