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Author Topic: busty anita  (Read 8310 times)

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Offline bigjim

MWTP you went back for more ?

Offline Mwtp

no, no, just expanding on my first visit.

Offline dilettante

Today was my punting day of the month (since 1st Sept anyway) and I noticed Anita was back so went to see her for an hour, had a great time though not as good as the second time I saw her, lovely to be so pampered with kisses and she always has something to say and do, making a fuss over you; she has been on holiday for a couple of months traipsing round Poland to see her family.  Re the chap who said he thought she wanted bb - she was rubbing herself against me quite a lot, on top of me, and even got my tip inside her, but no more, but when it came to sex proper the johnny went on without question.

So basically you bare backed a prossy, don't kid yourself with 'it was just the tip it doesn't count'.

Cross your fingers and get yourself down the clinic.

Offline dilettante

I'm not too worried, there wasn't any movement, she just held it against her clit I imagine.  A lot more contact with fluids via oral both ways, if she really has anything.

Offline starman

Finally got to see Anita a few days ago.  Lovely girl.  Good experience.  Only stayed 30mins, but would stay for an hour next time.  She was full of hugs and tongue kisses. Great rimmer, nice oral too. 9/10.

Had an interesting and very bad experience with Anita yesterday, so I thought i'd share.

I texted her to make a booking, asking where she lives etc, she replies from a different phone, booking made for 8.20 pm. She texts me around 8.10 pm asking me if i'm coming, even though i've already confirmed. I confirm again but i tell her i will be a little later because I couldn't find a taxi straight away.

I arrive at her house at 8.30 pm, ring the bell multiple times over the course of 5 minutes, texting her as well. If there is one thing I don't like it's when a prostitute makes you wait on the street where the neighbours can see you. Suddenly she calls me and claims that she didn't receive any of my subsequent texts and already has another booking, she asks me if I'm willing to wait and come back in half an hour, which by this time would be 9.10 pm. "Fine" I say, even though i'm no exactly happy and there is nothing to do in the area but go for a walk.

8.55 pm, another text, asking me to come back at 9.20 pm, 'Ok' I text back, now more annoyed. At 9.20 pm I'm at her door, ringing the bell, for what I have decided will be the last time. A little while later the door opens and I'm greeted by Her previous client, making a quick exit. She throws the door in my face and disappears without a word. 15 minutes later, when I'm well on my way home in a cab, at 9.40pm she calls me to ask if i still want to come.

Obviously not.

Damage: around £23 in taxi fees.


At least punters have both sides to consider now.

She will either be great or shite!

Yes, but she definitely won't be busty  :lol:

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