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Author Topic: Abby electra  (Read 821 times)

Offline iPad3

 Hello gents

Nothing ukp about this girl and can't do an image search as on my phone. Only a member on AW for a few weeks so alert doesn't bother me a great deal.

I'm not buying her age based on the photos but physically she's does it for me.  Anyone got any info?

https://www.adultwork.com/2430185 or https://www.adultwork.com/Abby+Electra

Offline iPad3

Ok, lots of veiws and no responses, looks like she might have to go on the toft list for when I have some spare cash.

If anyone does have some info please post, cheers


She does look rather sexy and hot for a North London WG. Let me know how you get on please

Offline Tonyleung

Do a search on her Duo friend AW number 2163619 this should lead you to two threads on UKP.

not much more info, but you might find it useful.

Offline iPad3

Thanks for that , she does look hot but it would appear a piss poor operation in Maidenhead has been moved into arsenal.

I'll keep an eye but unless I get concrete evidence that the service on offer is good I'll steer well clear, another £100 saved, thanks guys

Offline Stav096

Found this based on the mobile number:

- Looks to be the same girl but a few years older judging from the AW pictures.
- Different location - Edgware Road v Old Street

The number was previously use for a non-sexual massage service out of Bankside.

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