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Been trying to meet Tiff since summer as I fancied seeing someone that was game for a good facefucking but our schedules never agreed, but I was able to meet her finally and she definitely delivered!

Meeting happened a few weeks ago, prior restrictions.

It was an outcall to my place. 45 minutes for £120

Comms were quick and polite. Discussed prices, gave her my address and arranged a meeting for the evening.

She arrived by taxi right on time dressing casual as I requested for discretion purposes (coat and some jeans). I asked her to get out of the taxi a few houses down the road, met her there and we went back to my place.

There are plenty of pictures of Tiff on her profile, which are very accurate.

Once in my room we stripped, jumped on the bed and we started with dfk with plenty of tongue action and shortly after she was fucking my cock with her mouth. Really sloppy with a lot of gagging. It was great!! She had no problem at all with me grabbing her head and pushing it all the way down, she was up for it. We did this for a while while giving me a prostate massage at the same time.

She then came up for some snogging and I started to finger her: first one, then another and after the third finger we agreed that that would be enough fingers inside her... I have to say that I actually didn't have a proper look at her pussy during the meet due to the positions. No big deal for me.

Then condom on, she rode me cowgirl for a while and then back to more facefucking until I came in her mouth and she swallowed it like a champ.

Then a nice chat, got dressed and walked her to were the taxi was going to collect her. I disappeared just before the taxi arrived with a kiss on the cheek and went back home being a happy chap.

I found this to be a positive meeting. Tiff was really nice and into sex. I asked her to not be very loud during the meet so my neighbors wouldn't hear anything, and she said that if I fancied to an incall at hers next time so we could do all the noise we wanted, she would happily pick me up and take me back to her place, which I think is a nice offer and I may have to do it in the future!! or

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Offline usroads

Glad you enjoyed buddy - she's a very game girl

Contemplating whether she will tempt me out of retirement.

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She says she is a published pornstar, does anyone have any links to anything she has done, I know she has short films on her AW profile.

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Google Tiffany Morriss - Pornhub

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I tried to meet before lockdown 2, didn’t happen as the diary didn’t match and to be fair I missed a message. All I can add is that the comms had been spot on. Must try to pick this back up after lockdown

Sorry, the comment about her videos has just reminded me that she let me film everything on my phone. I asked her when making the booking if I could film it (as she says so on her profile) and she replied with an "of course!" (I won't be uploading that footage to any of these pages, but there are plenty of videos of her online)

Sorely tempted, been a long long wait for me.  If she truly does everything on her likes list with enthusiasm ............

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I can vouch for it... videos are a bit tame compared to what she'll do when you meet her.

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She used to take it up the wrong un many moons ago!

Contact has been made; lets see if the likes list is as extensive as it appears.

Weirdly been talking to her trying to arrange something.

Went in to AW this morning to check responses and got this "The member that sent you this email has been reported for sending spam.".  Spidey sense tingled a little.

I wouldn't worry too much about it. Maybe she was reported by some other customer that had a disagreement with her for whatever reason? 

Disgruntled punters are usually disgruntled for a reason !

Hence this forum lol

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Sounds like she’s fun but really struggling to believe she’s anywhere near the 35 years old as published on her AW profile.

Sounds like she’s fun but really struggling to believe she’s anywhere near the 35 years old as published on her AW profile.

Hahah I didn't spot the age on her profile. Definitely older than 35...