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Author Topic: Reverse booking  (Read 321 times)

Offline brislex

Anyone had any experience using this? Does it really "put you in the envious position" - wonder if that's a punt :) as AW suggest?

I tried it a couple of times, and all the bids I have is girls from 100miles away and some REALLY old woman or BBW. Lol  May be Bristol is not the best place for this?

Offline vorian

Type "reverse booking" into the search bar, you will find many in-depth threads about the subject.
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Offline markc65

I used to use it when I travelled a lot for work and didn't have time nor the inclination to trawl through the sometime numerous profiles on AW, that was also before I became aware of UKP though which would have also saved me the time.

Anyway, back to RB's I only had a couple of failures where they didn't show which was a bit disappointing to say the least as there I was in hotel room all ready but then I guess that is how some of the girls feel when punters don't show.

If I travelled more I would use it but also alongside UKP to get a more informed view of the girls bidding.

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