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After being let down by my first two choices decided to give Sofia a call after reading he reviews on the site.

The booking process was quite straight forward,  booked in to see her for a half hour via text.

Looks like she's movedpremises and she's now near headingley stadium,  left the car on one of the side streets, sent her a text and made my way to the address. Ended up having to wonder about for 10min past the booking time before she sent me her flat! :dash:

She's a petite lass, pretty,  but didn't look like the one on the VS pictures, she's had short blonde hair for one but I could be wrong.

Asked what i was after and after the earlier review indicated a full service was on oocyte decided to try my luck and lo and behold she said yes!

A quick massage later,  she led me onto the bed and proceeded to a give a covered oral before moving onto a few other positions. A few more negatives,  no kissing or fingers.  After filing up the bag,  she cleaned me up and offered me a drink.

All in all,  i was in for 25 min out of a 30 min booking and lighter by £80
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